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Tips for Getting Ahead of the Competition

How to Get Ahead of the Competition — and Stay There

Published Jun-05-2019

Organizations seeking to outpace the competition require ideas and strategies inspired beyond generalizations. Broad analysis or pre-published, generic findings don’t cut it. To know how to beat the competition, businesses need growth-oriented, yet actionable, data-informing ways to get and... Read More

How Often Should I Perform a Competitive Analysis?


Since competitive intelligence is all about broadening perspectives and learning to look at situations from a competitor’s viewpoint, there’s no hard and fast rule as to when competitive analysis should be conducted. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be ahead... Read More

Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Published May-08-2019

From seamless sales operations to savvy social media usage, innovative marketing campaigns to effective go-to-market structures, some companies just always seem “one step ahead.” How do they do it? What competitive advantages do these organizations maintain — and are... Read More

What is Business War Gaming?

What Is Business War Gaming?

Published Apr-24-2019

Business war gaming is an experiential group exercise where an organization can pressure test an existing strategy or create new strategies and ideas via role-playing the competitors’ strategy and mindset before making full-scale investments. War gaming is about shaking... Read More

Benefits of CI for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Published Apr-10-2019

The average time associated with bringing a new drug to market hovers around 10 years — with six or seven of those years spent in clinical trials. As such, the risks for pharmaceutical companies looking for a good ROI... Read More

Why Invest in War Gaming?


If you’re new to business war gaming, the exciting news is that you’re not alone. War gaming is a human-based experiential tool that, through targeted role play, allows you to better understand your competitor’s mindset and pressure test your... Read More

Proactive Worldwide Will Moderate a Roundtable and Host a Workshop at IntelliSummit™ April 2019

Published Mar-26-2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, March 20, 2019 Jeff Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Consumer and Industrial Goods at Proactive Worldwide, will moderate a roundtable discussion and host a user conference workshop at IntelliSummit™, which will be held on April 10 through... Read More

David Kalinowski, President

President of Proactive Worldwide Will Host a Workshop at SCIP 100/200 Boot Camp

Published Mar-01-2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, March 1, 2019 David Kalinowski, President of Proactive Worldwide, will host the workshop “Foundations in Competitive Intelligence” at SCIP 100/200 Boot Camp, which will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on March 27 and 28, 2019. The boot... Read More

David Kalinowski, President

Proactive Worldwide Will Present at the CAS 2019 Ratemaking, Product and Modeling Seminar & Workshops


Schaumburg, Illinois, March 1, 2019 David Kalinowski, President of Proactive Worldwide, will be co-hosting with Jeffrey Jablonski of Erie Insurance the workshop “Implement a Strategic Early Warning Program to Mitigate Risk and Seize Opportunities” during the CAS 2019 Ratemaking,... Read More


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