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Why Use Competitive Intelligence Software?

Published Oct-03-2019

It’s no secret that having the proper tools to organize business data and information gives a company an outlook on their market. With so much information in a business’s day to day processes, “infobesity” describes the overload state intelligence... Read More

Growth Opportunities Consumer Goods Market

Best Opportunities for Growth in the Consumer Goods Market

Published Oct-02-2019

Today’s consumer goods market bustles with both well-known corporate players and nimble new brands attempting to carve out the next great industry competitive advantage. Relying on yesterday’s production, supply chain and sales practices simply won’t cut it. Companies today... Read More

How Often Should I Create Customer Journey Maps?

Published Sep-30-2019

How do you determine the ideal customer experience for your company? A specific, streamlined plan for addressing customer needs is a valuable tool, especially when laid out an easy-to-decipher visual representation. Customer journey maps touch on a number of... Read More

What Is a Customer Journey Map?


To run a business, you need to create positive experiences and memories for your customers. So how do you optimize your business operations to create the ideal customer experience? The process begins with a customer journey map, a powerful... Read More

Best Practices for Pricing Assessments


In the competitive intelligence space, pricing assessments continue to be one of the more frequent requests of CI and marketing functions. These studies tend to be unique in the competitive intelligence space, largely focusing on voluminous quantitative data versus... Read More

VOC Perception Study

How to Execute a VOC Perception Study


Perception studies are becoming go-to research methods that enhance competitive intelligence by including customer perspectives in a particular discussion. In most cases, leadership wants to know what competitors are doing, but customer perceptions can be just as important if... Read More

Win/Loss Analysis

Win/Loss Program Best Practices


Win/loss assessments have become a critical input to organizations for their strategic and tactical planning activities. These unique inputs are designed to provide executives with evidence-based insights on what the organization is doing well and where shortcomings exist in... Read More

David Kalinowski, President

Proactive Worldwide Will Present “The Sacrifice Line” at SIR Annual Conference October 2019

Published Sep-13-2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, September 4, 2019 Proactive Worldwide President and co-founder David Kalinowski will present ideas about the threshold for making career and personal sacrifices in “The Sacrifice Line: Making Tradeoffs — in Research and in Life” at the SIR... Read More

How to Develop a Strategic Business Plan

How to Develop a Strategic Business Plan

Published Sep-06-2019

Dime-a-dozen strategic business plans carry dime-a-dozen results. When creating their organization’s long-term strategic priorities, too many leaders fall victim to templates lacking the substantive measures needed to steer toward a brighter business future — or any future, for that... Read More

Proactive Worldwide Will Share Perspectives on “Social Media Monitoring and Analysis of Medical Conferences” at Pharma CI Conference September 2019

Published Sep-04-2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, September 4, 2019 Proactive Worldwide Vice President of Health Care & Life Sciences, Aaron Derdowski, Ph.D., will share perspectives on applications of social media data for pharmaceutical companies at the Pharma CI Conference presentation entitled, “Social Media... Read More


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