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Understanding Customer Feedback

Published Aug-12-2019

You already know that your customers are at the heart of your business. The smartest strategists understand that an outstanding customer experience leads to loyalty, brand evangelism and new business. But how can you find out what your customers... Read More

What Is Strategic Planning?

Published Aug-06-2019

Regardless of the industry where you compete, data-driven insights will help you drive customer loyalty, win new business and gain market share. However, to really understand the competitive landscape, you’ll need competitive intelligence to gain a holistic view of... Read More

Improve Customer Experience with your business

Tips for Improving the Customer’s Experience With Your Business

Published Jul-26-2019

Customer experience (CX) is inseparable from a brand’s reputation. Discussions of one will invariably lead to the other, as improving customer service interactions and offerings should result in a directly enhanced company reputation. Strategizing exceptional customer experiences doesn’t happen... Read More

Best Questions to Ask Customers to Gain Valuable Feedback

Published Jul-25-2019

Your customers are one of your most important assets as a business. Without them, profits cannot grow, and the concept of expansion becomes impossible. With this realization, your business can communicate with customers to determine what you’re doing right... Read More

Risks of Not Doing Thorough Market Research

Risks of Not Doing Thorough Market Research

Published Jul-23-2019

Customer buying habits, needs and motivations are in many ways measurable, not mysterious. Today’s companies have more tools than ever to ground their innovative ideas with real market information — information revealing the feasibility of a new product or... Read More

Planning and Implementing changes in Business Strategy

How to Plan and Execute Shifts in Business Planning

Published Jul-18-2019

Let’s cut to the chase — over half of all enterprise strategic plans fail the same year they’re born. Downstream risks aren’t accounted for, objectives go unmonitored, budgets are misappropriated and accountability is left static. The result is an... Read More

Improve your company's strategic vision with business wargaming

How Business War Gaming Can Improve Your Company’s Strategic Vision

Published Jul-15-2019

Everyone has faced a difficult decision in their lives where they wished they could see the potential outcomes beforehand. In business, those types of make-or-break choices happen every single day. Decision-makers want to know what’s going to happen if... Read More

Tips for Getting Ahead of the Competition

How to Get Ahead of the Competition — and Stay There

Published Jun-05-2019

Organizations seeking to outpace the competition require ideas and strategies inspired beyond generalizations. Broad analysis or pre-published, generic findings don’t cut it. To know how to beat the competition, businesses need growth-oriented, yet actionable, data-informing ways to get and... Read More

How Often Should I Perform a Competitive Analysis?


Since competitive intelligence is all about broadening perspectives and learning to look at situations from a competitor’s viewpoint, there’s no hard and fast rule as to when competitive analysis should be conducted. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be ahead... Read More


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