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A Year in the Life of Strategic Planning: Create an Annual Strategic Planning Cycle that Supports Key Roles and Builds Up to a Strong Finish

Published Sep-20-2018

The first article in our Strategic Planning series discusses how Competitive Intelligence can and should adapt depending on the type of strategic planning model your business employs. Our second piece focuses on constructive CI research queries that help your... Read More

Changes Will Continue to Impact the Trucking and Shipping Industry in 2019

Published Sep-18-2018

The transportation and freight industry affects nearly all other industries, so it’s important to be aware of new innovations in that industry. Technology already has – and will continue to have – an enormous influence on the way the... Read More

Legalized Pot: Opportunity Knocks for Savvy Industries

Published Sep-10-2018

In the not-so-distant past, anyone who wanted to partake of marijuana in any form risked running afoul of state laws, but that’s rapidly changing despite continued federal prohibition, which is unlikely to change under the Trump administration. Today 30... Read More

Asking the Right Questions from the Start: Get the Most Value from CI Functions with Queries Structured to Advance Your Strategic Goals

Published Sep-05-2018

The first article in our Strategic Planning series discusses how Competitive Intelligence can and should adapt depending on the type of strategic planning model your business employs. This section focuses on common research questions that have varying degrees of... Read More

Continued Disruption & More to Come: Keeping Competitive Landscape Awareness High in the F&B Space

Published Aug-29-2018

Just five years ago, natural, organic, humane, and fair-trade foods made a large market entrance and quickly changed the way traditional F&B and CPG companies defined the market. According to Statista, United States retail sales of natural and organic... Read More

CI's Role in Strategic Planning

The Adaptable Role Competitive Intelligence Plays in These 5 Strategic Planning Models

Published Aug-22-2018

Which Strategic Plan/CI Approach Best Fits Your Organization’s Needs? With Strategic Planning season in full bloom, many motivated enterprises are exploring how to best use competitive intelligence to gain more momentum in meeting next year’s goals. Strategic planning programs,... Read More

International Trade and the US: Coming to Terms with Trading Uncertainty

Published Aug-15-2018

TARIFFS 2018 marked a year of change in the United States’ long-standing tariff policies. For the first time in over 15 years, the federal government adjusted tariffs on core raw materials – mainly aluminum and steel – to correct... Read More

VOC Services

Enhancing Competitive Intelligence with VOC

Published Aug-07-2018

While customers may still reign supreme in today’s marketplace, businesses may be overlooking another fundamental truth that could be thwarting them from achieving essential customer insights. Here’s the real story: Know your customers. While customer-centricity is still considered standard... Read More

5 Hot Trends

Published Apr-16-2018

We’re well into 2018, and despite a few bumps in the road, the year is shaping up to be a good one for business. Expectations of fewer regulations, a brighter tax picture, and high consumer expectations all point to... Read More

Digital Strategy Gets Personal in 2018

Published Apr-04-2018

In today’s marketplace, what sets the winners apart from the also-rans? Virtually all of them have developed top-notch, user-friendly digital strategies. If you have clear digital channels, you will make buying choices easier for your customers, which in turn,... Read More


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