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Proactive Worldwide is one of the world's leading market intelligence companies helping Fortune 1000 corporations and international organizations understand vulnerabilities, better predict market shifts, and plan for growth with confidence. We examine competitors, suppliers, customers, regulatory issues, and more—through advanced competitive, market, and customer intelligence—to deliver a more complete picture of the decision-making environment with a far-reaching perspective that uncovers hidden opportunities and key threats. With 28 years of experience, we leverage our proprietary methodology, a deep bench of researchers and analysts, and in-house industry specialists to produce insights that have real impact.

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Gain the Proactive Worldwide Advantage for Your Business

Proactive Worldwide began in 1995 as a small group of talented competitive intelligence experts. Now, we're a world leader in our field. Unlike other competitive intelligence companies, we know exactly what it takes to help a business grow in a highly competitive, commercially driven economy: evidence-based data, actionable insights and strategic decisions backed by thorough primary research and AI-enabled tools.

  • Our Competitive Intelligence Services are designed to be a catalyst for organizational change and growth for your business. We provide valuable, data-driven insights you can act on to improve the actions and policies of your company.
  • Are you looking to better understand and navigate the complexities of your changing market? Our Market Intelligence Services provide evidence-based insights so your firm can confidently address today's fluid market conditions.
  • Get inside the heads of your customers with our Customer intelligence services. We'll take a granular, detail-oriented approach to gain insights about your customers and deliver actionable data to help your business reach its audience more effectively.
  • The future of your organization depends on effective strategic planning and constant process improvement. Our Strategic Intelligence Consulting Services include CI function development, virtual wargaming, CI training and scenario planning to help your company stay Out in Front®.

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