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Navigating the intricacies of healthcare market research? Partner with Proactive Worldwide and gain an edge. You deserve insights informed by the industry’s most relevant drivers. Our strategic intelligence solutions, globally recognized and trusted by top-tier organizations, equips you with knowledge crucial for informed decision-making. From in-depth medical conference insights to the latest on mergers and acquisitions, we keep you one step ahead, ensuring your strategies align perfectly with market needs.

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Taking charge of competitive intelligence or market strategy in healthcare? We’re here to help. Dive deep into critical information and set your business apart from the competition. Whether it’s healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacies, or PBMs, rely on our Ph.D.-level analyst team to sharpen your core strategies, pushing you toward impactful, value-based models.

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As the healthcare landscape undergoes rapid transformation, doesn’t your business deserve top-tier market intelligence? Our team, backed by decades of profound experience and advanced research methodologies, equips you with actionable insights. In a realm where success hinges on a blend of scientific acumen and sharp business strategy, we empower you to thrive. Let us be your compass in this relentless, competitive landscape, charting the path to unparalleled growth and market dominance.

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Competitive Profile Research

PWW’s input sources comprise the following:

  • Primary Research, including competitor staff, client personnel, investor community, and payers/PBM information;
  • Secondary Research, including open-access articles and news, social media search tools, primary literature, and import/export databases; and
  • Conference and Congress Monitoring. All these resources are customized to meet your specific competitive intelligence needs.

Our Healthcare services include the following:

  • Pharmaceutical monitoring to keep you abreast of assets your competitors have in their pipeline.
  • Strategic intelligence to support movement from fee-for-service to value-based care models.
  • CMS Stars ratings and their influence on payers in the Medicare/Medicaid landscape.
  • Channel strategy, including retail, specialty, and mail-order pharmacy.
  • Pricing, market access, and formulary strategies including influence and integration of PBMs, payers, and drug manufacturers.
Competitive Profile Assessment