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A Driving Force In Competitive Research and Analysis

Established in 1995 by visionaries Gary Maag and David Kalinowski, Proactive Worldwide, Inc. (PWW) began as a modest two-person operation. Today, it stands as one of the world’s premier specialty market research firms, focused exclusively on competitive analysis. With dedicated delivery teams spread across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, our reach and impact have been transformative.

Both Maag and Kalinowski poured their passion and dedication into PWW, nurturing it into the powerhouse it is today. Gary Maag, before his retirement in early 2023, alongside David Kalinowski, laid a strong foundation for PWW. Their commitment to evidence-based, primary intelligence has always been our guiding principle, ensuring our clients always have the clarity they need to make pivotal business decisions. This dedication to primary research has spurred the development of our comprehensive suite of decision-support solutions.

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Bridging the Gap: From Market Intelligence to Strategic Mastery

From our inception, we’ve been pioneers in shaping the concept of insight-driven decision support services. By seamlessly integrating evidence-based market, customer, and competitor intelligence, we’ve established a strong nexus between insight and strategic development and execution. Our early-mover approach to holistic consulting empowers executives to formulate intelligence solutions that truly drive their business strategies. This approach has not only cemented our reputation on the global stage but has also led to enduring collaborative partnerships, with many clients seeing us as extensions of their own teams.

Redefining Market Research with Precision, Passion, and Purpose

While many specialty market research firms might seem indistinguishable at the outset, with similar qualifications, presentations, and fee structures, the true distinction lies in philosophy, process, and efficacy in enhancing clients’ business trajectories.

Our underlying philosophy is uncompromising: we strive to deliver unparalleled client service marked by exceptional quality. To realize this vision, we consistently bring on board passionate, brilliant minds, ensuring they are equipped with the training and tools they need. By adhering to rigorously crafted standard operating procedures, we guarantee consistent, dependable results. The proof of our approach’s success? The long-standing relationships we’ve fostered with many clients and the continuous forging of bonds with multinational companies.

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