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When you engage with Proactive Worldwide, a leader in competitive research and analysis, you join a client-focused culture committed to success. Here, a shared passion for clarity and impactful contributions meets a unique knack for applying common sense in business.


Our values reflect an organization that you can put STOCQ in:

  • S – Service anticipates needs and delivers solutions. We ask: How can we help our clients move their business forward?
  • T – Trust is earned by being consistent in our commitments. The foundation for great companies is trust – founded on character that is forged in discipline.
  • O – Ownership is taking responsibility as an individual, team, and firm for our results. We are passionately opposed to minimalism. Minimalism breeds mediocrity. We continually challenge ourselves to deliver the maximum value and results for our clients.
  • C – Continuous improvement challenges us to excel through innovation and creativity. At Proactive, failure does not exist. We inspire our people to become the best version of themselves.
  • Q – Quality reflects our passion for excellence. Through disciplined actions, thoughts, and execution of process, we create a rhythm that leads to optimum performance.

Proactive Worldwide’s Mission, Vision and Purpose

Our mission is to channel the passion and professional experience of our team to build value for clients.

Our vision is to continuously raise the standard of our market intelligence company to provide world-class decision support services.

Our purpose is to enrich the fabric of people’s lives while advancing our clients’ competitive edge with unique insight to provide value.

Market Research Agency Staff
CI Bill of Rights

CI Bill of Rights℠

At Proactive Worldwide, we’ve created a unique CI Bill of Rights℠ to set us apart. This isn’t just a list—it’s our promise to you, outlining the exceptional qualities and services you can expect when partnering with us:

  1. The right to Perspective – Provide real, unique, and unbiased research, analysis, POV, and guidance to address a business problem
  2. The right to Transparency – Communicate directly and candidly in a timely manner
  3. The right to Accountability – Uphold the promises we make
  4. The right to Sound Business Practices – Engage in legal and ethical activities and operate from proven standard operating procedures
  5. The right to Confidentiality – Protect our client’s private information
  6. The right to Project Leadership – Ensure engagements get done on time, on target, and on budget
  7. The right to Professionalism – Behave appropriately and in a way that demonstrates, integrity, trust, and respect
  8. The right to Excellence – Hire, train, and retain elite team members to produce high quality outcomes
  9. The right to Adaptability – Flex as the needs change
  10. The right to Value – Demonstrate the impact of work produced. Not sure how? Follow our ROCI® (Return on Competitive Intelligence) Framework.

Code of Ethics

We respect our clients’ codes of conduct and support all related guidelines. Proactive complies with all applicable laws and professional codes of ethics, including those espoused by the Strategic Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

We follow SCIP’s Code of Ethics, which means we do the following:

  • Adhere to company standards
  • Comply with all applicable laws
  • Respect all requests for confidentiality of information
  • Accurately disclose all relevant information prior to interviews
  • Encourage full compliance with these ethical standards

Proactive monitors employees’ adherence to this code and to any client-provided code of ethics. We also have our own standards related to gathering intelligence, which are available upon request.

Code of Ethics