Business Intelligence Podcast

Business Intelligence Podcast

Welcome to the Proactive Worldwide Business Intelligence Podcast. A new podcast committed to helping organizations see into the future of their strategic and competitive landscapes by developing a vision from research, data-points, and best practice processes.

Introducing David Kalinowski

In this first episode, we introduce you to Proactive’s cofounder and the 25 years they’ve been moving the business intelligence industry forward.

What is Business War Gaming?

In this episode we dive into what David describes as an important strategic tool that provides an experiential, human based, intelligence-driven activity that involves behaviored model role playing.

Deeper Into Business War Gaming and How It Transforms Strategies.

A deeper dive into war gaming and how years of trying to transform an organization’s strategies can happen in a single day.

Business War Gaming – Typical Timing, Prep, and Investment

What does it cost to transform the fabric of people’s lives? We learn that in this episode — along with a summary of 6 key factors for a successful war game, plus how to prep until you’re ready for your own war game.