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Proactive’s training covers all aspects of developing and leading an intelligence function that executives will consider effective.

Proactive Worldwide offers a range of competitive intelligence training programs that help your team excel in delivering insightful intelligence, enabling sound decisions and bringing value to your business. Using leading practices and relevant examples, our market intelligence training courses are highly interactive and include exercises that provide participants with an engaging and practical learning experience.

Our instructors at Proactive Worldwide are among the finest in the business. They possess decades of experience training, educating and helping business professionals increase their awareness of how competitive intelligence — or CI — is gained and applied in real-world applications. From our talented and motivated communicators, your team receives a level of instruction that’s geared specifically toward your company and market sector in a manner that no online course or internet search can hope to match.

In addition, our personalized approach to all of our training sessions and workshops means your return on this investment is even greater. Participating decision-makers are given the chance to have their questions answered, concerns addressed and experiences taken into account when discussing the benefits and applications of CI. Plus, every training session is supported by the latest research and teaching materials, so all lessons are timely and applicable to the issues today’s businesses must grapple with.

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Market Intelligence Workshops

Proactive Worldwide’s market intelligence training covers all aspects of developing and leading an intelligence function that executives will consider effective. Throughout each of our workshops and training exercises, a high level of trust is fostered between participants and presenters. All questions are answered in a personable manner, and executives come away with a new level of confidence in their understanding and mastery of CI and how it functions.

While the benefits of our market intelligence workshops are too numerous to list in their entirety, some of the most popular advantages of training with Proactive Worldwide include that you will:

  • Recognize core intelligence: Gain an understanding of what goes into the creation of high-quality core intelligence, analysis and reporting. Identify how core intelligence can advance an organization’s goals.
  • Diagnose stakeholder requests: Learn how to effectively diagnose internal customer requests and manage their expectations to equally benefit the organization and its customer loyalty.
  • Identify ROI of CI: Discover the business value and return on investment from competitive intelligence through its multiple applications and uses.
  • Create well-aligned strategies: Understand how to create strategies for your intelligence function that align and enable the firm’s operations and goals to happen with maximum efficiency.
  • Integrate intelligence: Learn and apply various analytical frameworks to master the integration of intelligence into your company’s strategic and/or operational planning processes so that its competitive positioning is recognized and enhanced.
  • Manage internal client expectations: Learn the importance of managing internal client expectations to ensure clear lines of communication and the ongoing awareness of how those expectations can be used as opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a leading intelligence function: Discover how to most effectively lead, advance and prosper by building a world-class intelligence function.

Proactive Worldwide: Leading Competitive Intelligence Workshops That Make a Difference

Built on more than 25 years of experience in the CI industry, our competitive intelligence workshops are designed to have long-lasting impacts. Geared towards the busy executive, each of our trainings and exercises are based on the principle that if you experience something meaningful, you’ll remember that lesson and apply it when the time is right.

Whether it’s your team’s first foray into the world of CI or you’re looking for a refresher course to elevate your CI function to the next level, our competitive intelligence workshops won’t stifle your attention with a bunch of complicated, difficult-to-apply theories. The content taught is real and practical, and can be applied to your role immediately. For an energetic, easily digestible workshop, you want our team from Proactive Worldwide supporting the professional development of your most talented CI personnel and other department executives.

To learn more about our competitive intelligence training and education opportunities, contact us today.

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