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Proactive Worldwide offers a range of intelligence training that helps your team excel in delivering insightful intelligence, enabling sound decisions and bringing value to your business. Using leading practices and relevant examples, the training sessions are highly interactive and include exercises that provide participants with an engaging and practical learning experience.


Other than accuracy, there’s possibly nothing more important to competitive and market intelligence than its timeliness. Having the ability to look back in hindsight and determine what went well or wrong in a given situation — without any major repercussions — is a luxury the majority of executive leaders simply don’t have.

Of course, many professional services out there are advertising their predictive abilities. But on closer inspection, the results of most of these services fall far short of what they promise — which is to give businesses a view of their market’s future so that they’re better prepared for what’s to come. Fortunately, at Proactive Worldwide, we’re in the business of keeping our promises and living up to — and often exceeding — our clients’ expectations.

We possess decades of experience in the competitive intelligence — or CI — industry, so we know there are no substitutes for thorough research, in-depth analysis and informed reporting when we’re asked to help businesses prepare themselves for market surprises and/or disrupters. It’s also why we’re passionate about we do — unlocking the proven power of CI to benefit our clients.

Our development of business early warning briefs is a direct result of our talent and ability to recognize market indicators our clients can use to their advantage on a regular basis. It’s not something we take lightly, which is why we’re currently engaged in active research in more than 47 countries across every major industry — from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to financial services and consumer goods.

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Strategic Early Warning Programs

Nobody appreciates negative surprises. And in the business world, negative surprises can mean the end of a product, a line of goods or even an entire company. To help our clients mitigate this issue, Proactive Worldwide’s Strategic Early Warning consulting was developed to offer a significant measure of protection against unexpected market and competitive developments.

Our skilled intelligence analysts leverage our extensive human source networks and monitoring technologies to warn you of market and competitive changes that upend the assumptions in your business plan. This mitigates your risks and enables you to act on new opportunities.

Our ongoing collection and aggregation processes enable us to analyze and escalate the news and intelligence that is most important and relevant to your business. Our professional research approach is well-established, and we’re able to draw on our up-to-date proprietary databases that allow superior real-time insight mining. In addition, we have multi-lingual, cross-cultural and multiple market experience that we combine with the most effective and ethical methods of intelligence gathering in use today.

As a result, we can provide you with actionable intelligence and alerts that include the following features:

  • Market Risks/Opportunities: Including favorable/unfavorable trends, shifting customer preferences, market entrants and emerging business models
  • Competitive Actions: Including current competitor strategies and tactics, emerging competitors, and new technologies that are enabling new types of competitors
  • Conference/Event Intelligence: Including trade shows, promotions and messaging, competitor presentations, opinion leader perspectives and new innovations
  • Insight Analysis: Including competitive actions and performance, merger and acquisition strategies and rationale, potential future scenarios, the application of social media trends, and government, regulatory and legal assessments

Proactive Worldwide: Protecting Organizations From Unannounced Surprises

With competitive early warning consulting, our team of expert researchers and analysts give you the forward-thinking knowledge you need to take appropriate action before a surprise becomes a major disrupter. Then, with a strategy that’s well thought out and the time to implement it, you can stay ahead of your competitors instead of chasing after them. We enjoy the confidence we impart to our clients by supplying each of them with the services they need to mitigate the risks associated with today’s competitive markets.

Since 1995, we’ve grown from a select group of CI experts into a world-class leader in the CI sector. While our team has expanded and our tools have become more sophisticated over the years, our approach has remained the same. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and respond with evidence-based research and information so that their decisions and strategies are based on the best information we can possibly supply them with. We are also proud to provide the highest quality competitive intelligence software, Intelligence2day®, which will help your team stay in the loop on changes in your market for years to come.

We typically build long-lasting relationships with clients because our work has such noticeable results for their business strategies and successes. To equip yourself with the full potential of our competitive early warning consulting, contact us today. When you choose to work with Proactive Worldwide, you can rest assured that you’ll be pleased with the results.

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