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Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer Consultants

A 21st Century Approach
PWW’s Voice of Customer is our evolved, 21st century approach to more traditional market research techniques that continue to offer proven value to our clients who are considering the idea of adding a customer insight program to support their decision-making process.

Qualitative and Quantitative Insights
Using advanced in-depth interviewing (IDI) strategies and techniques, our researchers provide detailed and executive-level qualitative insight that provides the depth needed to make the right decisions. Additionally, we have capabilities to add quantitative question sets and the ability to incorporate data from other sources. This provides a more complete picture of our clients’ brand awareness rating, product perceptions, and standing within their market sector.

Track Results Over Time
Our Voice of Customer capabilities can be organized on an ad-hoc basis or via annual programs—providing dynamic, cost-effective insight, and carry low-risk/high-reward potential that track results over time, on a domestic or global basis.

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