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In today’s competitive business landscape, customers are more connected and have higher expectations than ever before. What’s more: Research indicates that each year, inferior customer experiences combine to cost U.S. businesses more than $80 billion in canceled orders and defective products that need to be repaired or replaced. Yet at the same time, it costs roughly six times more to win new customers than it does to keep current ones.

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So when you crunch the numbers, the picture becomes crystal clear. For companies that want to stay competitive, nurture customer loyalty and keep ahead of their competitors, there’s one voice they must be aware of and listen to on a regular basis — the voice of their customers.

What Is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer — or VoC — is an all-inclusive term that pulls together the needs, feedback, expectations and suggestions for improvement that customers have for a particular product, service or brand. Due to the rise of social media and other communication breakthroughs, it has never been more important for companies to accurately capture and incorporate their customers’ responses into their business strategies.

However, considering the exponential rise of data levels, this is undoubtedly a daunting task for even the most seasoned of customer experience — or CX — professionals to effectively tackle. That’s why Voice of Customer services have been established that offer faster, more precise and clearer insights into what salient points VoC is giving a particular company about its products and services.

Of course, not all Voice of Customer research services are created equal, so you want to be sure you work with a Voice of Customer research company that’s fully prepared to conduct the investigations necessary to get to the heart and truth of what customers really think about your company’s offerings and performance.

Fortunately, with Proactive Worldwide, you can rest assured that you’re working with an industry leader in capturing raw data and turning it into actionable information. It’s why after more than two decades in the competitive intelligence — or CI — sector, we’re currently engaged in ongoing research in more than 47 countries across all major industries.

A 21st Century Approach to Voice of Customer Consulting

Thanks to our dedicated knowledge experts at Proactive Worldwide, we’re proud to offer Voice of Customer consulting services. Our evolved, 21st-century approach to more traditional market research techniques offers proven value to our clients who are considering the idea of adding a customer insight program to support their decision-making process.

Benefits of VoC Services

With innovative VoC services from Proactive Worldwide, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Insights: Using advanced in-depth interviewing (IDI) strategies and techniques, our researchers provide detailed and executive-level qualitative insight that provides the depth needed to make the right decisions. Additionally, we have capabilities to add quantitative question sets and the ability to incorporate data from other sources. This provides a more complete picture of our clients’ brand awareness rating, product perceptions, and standing within their market sector.
  • Detailed Insights & Rich Stories: Proactive VoC research focuses not just on the data, but the story it tells. Rich quotes and sources commentary, detailed dialogue, and the ability to re-contact sources for more insight when additional discussions are needed are all part of our standard project plans.
  • Adaptive to Change: In some cases, the story that develops requires a change in direction and thinking. Our VoC approach allows our research and analyst teams to redirect during the research process in order to focus on the highest ROI or adapt to learnings as they become available. This helps ensure ROI.
  • Track Results Over Time: Our Voice of Customer capabilities can be organized on an ad-hoc basis or via annual programs — providing dynamic, cost-effective insight, and carry low-risk/high-reward potential that track results over time, on a domestic or global basis.

Proactive Worldwide — Helping Businesses Hear Their Customers’ Voices

Since 1995, we’ve taken a select core of CI experts and grown into one of the world’s leading CI firms. Our premier team and advanced tools have become synonymous with the production of high-level intelligence that executive leaders can count on to make better decisions and formulate more agile strategies.

We continually listen to our clients’ objectives and supply them with evidence-based research, so valuable insights are the natural results of our efforts. In addition, we enjoy long-lasting relationships with many of our clients because our services clearly contribute to their organizations’ successes.

To enjoy the rewards of a clear understanding of VoC — as well as how it relates to your products and services — contact us today.

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