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For many businesses, user experience — also referred to as UX — is top of mind. From auto manufacturers to app developers, many companies have their own unique understanding of what UX means — and what it means to their organizations. But in their rush to adopt the latest business trends and accompanying best practices, organizations sometimes misunderstand or oversimplify what UX is really about. In doing so, they risk missing out on the many sales and engagement benefits it offers.

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The term “user experience” is intentionally broad and all-inclusive. According to the International Organization for Standardization, UX includes all of the responses, feelings and perceptions an end user has as a result of using or anticipating using a given product, service or system.

If a website designer merely looks at what people most often click on from your business’s homepage and tries to pass that off as user experience consulting, you’d be grossly underserved in discovering what the real UX is for your customer base. Instead, you need a user experience research company like Proactive Worldwide that’s skilled at comprehensively evaluating and reporting consumers’ responses to your product or service.

User Experience Research Services

Considering the plethora of UX offerings these days, it’s more important than ever to be able to recognize quality user experience research services. Fortunately, at Proactive Worldwide, we’ve been actively engaged in researching the relationships between businesses and their customers for well over two decades. Our track record for producing actionable competitive intelligence speaks for itself, as we’re currently engaged in ongoing research in more than 47 countries across all major industries.

To help distinguish what UX entails, consider the following scenario regarding a new model of smartphone. A user’s experience with the product isn’t simply about whether or not the phone can easily be programmed and used. Instead, to fully comprehend the UX, expert user experience consultants study aspects like how the phone’s presentation, packaging, design, pricing, performance, customer support and even accessibility — both in stores and online — inspire particular responses in its users.

The end result of well-designed UX research aims to answer the following questions that directly relate to how end-users feel about a product or service:

  • How usable is it?
  • How easy is it to find?
  • Does it serve an actual need and/or solve a particular problem?
  • How much do consumers want to use it?
  • Do users find it valuable?
  • Do users find it trustworthy?
  • How accessible is the product/service to its intended end users?

With the requisite elements of quality UX research in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Proactive Worldwide can help you increase sales, leads and customer engagement with your products and/or services.

A Direct Research Approach

Proactive Worldwide’s User Experience program, part of our Customer Insight services module, employs a direct research approach to help our clients analyze a test subject’s online experience with their product and service channels. While customers’ user experiences are generally subjective in nature, these sessions offer invaluable intelligence with regard to how a typical customer might interact within a given set of circumstances.

Video Recorded Observations

Using video as the primary tool to observe and record customer reactions, User Experience tests the effectiveness of product searches, product comparisons, up-selling product suggestions, and online chat customer service experiences, to name a few. Comparing common experience characteristics with relevant data from surveys, if conducted, and competitor information, your business can achieve invaluable insight that is normally not accessible using other market research techniques.

Instant Feedback

Our User Experience market research program has the unique benefit of giving our clients instantaneous reaction feedback that isn’t diluted or exaggerated from a past memory experience. User Experience can be deployed as a single service or used as part of a larger Customer Insight strategy.

To learn more about how our UX research services can help boost your business’s sales and overall customer engagement, contact us today. 

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