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User Experience

User Experience Consultants

A Direct Research Approach
PWW’s User Experience program, part of our Customer Insight services module, employs a direct research approach to help our clients analyze a test subject’s online experience with their product and service channels. While customers’ user experiences are generally subjective in nature, these sessions offer invaluable intelligence with regard to how a typical customer might interact within a given set of circumstances.
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Video Recorded Observations
Using video as the primary tool to observe and record customer reactions, User Experience tests the effectiveness of product searches, product comparisons, up-selling product suggestions, and online chat customer service experiences, to name a few.  Comparing common experience characteristics with relevant data from surveys, if conducted, and competitor information, your business can achieve invaluable insight that is normally not accessible using other market research techniques.

Instant Feedback
Our User Experience market research program has the unique benefit of giving our clients instantaneous reaction feedback that isn’t diluted or exaggerated from a past memory experience.  User Experience can be deployed as a single service or used as part of a larger Customer Insight strategy.

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