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President of Proactive Worldwide Will Host a Workshop at SCIP 100/200 Boot Camp

Published Mar-01-2019

David Kalinowski, President

Schaumburg, Illinois, March 1, 2019

David Kalinowski, President of Proactive Worldwide, will host the workshop “Foundations in Competitive Intelligence” at SCIP 100/200 Boot Camp, which will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on March 27 and 28, 2019.

The boot camp is an interactive event that’s intended to give participants the opportunity to learn and interact with one another as a part of their professional development. The workshops will teach them the core competencies that are needed to achieve intelligence-enhanced decision-supporting capabilities.

The workshop “Foundations in Competitive Intelligence” fulfills the requirements for the CAP-I Certification. Designed for professionals in search of a refresher course and individuals who are new to competitive intelligence (CI), it’s full of practical takeaways about the fundamentals of CI. When these fundamentals are consistently applied, they contribute significantly to organizational success. Workshop participants will hear stories, watch videos and discuss case studies, as well as participate in role playing and other breakout exercises.

After completing the workshop, participants will know how to implement an intelligence capability model to build their CI function, and they’ll understand the various strategies for managing stakeholder expectations. They’ll gain insights into conducting primary and secondary research and learn about constructing a network. They’ll also develop and practice their analytical skills, outline the various components of an Early Warning program and know how to demonstrate the value of competitive intelligence.

With nearly 30 years of experience in research, competitive intelligence and consulting, Kalinowski oversees all of Proactive Worldwide’s consulting services. He regularly lead numerous successful engagements for domestic and international organizations. In addition, as an expert in CI Function Development and Counterintelligence, he regularly advises executive boards — plus, he frequently acts as a facilitator at war gaming events for strategic leadership teams. He’s a dynamic presenter and a 2005 recipient of the SCIP’s Catalyst Award.

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