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Proactive Worldwide Will Moderate a Roundtable and Host a Workshop at IntelliSummit™ April 2019

Published Mar-26-2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, March 20, 2019

Jeff Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Consumer and Industrial Goods at Proactive Worldwide, will moderate a roundtable discussion and host a user conference workshop at IntelliSummit™, which will be held on April 10 through April 12 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Held annually in Stockholm, IntelliSummit™ is a three-day competitive intelligence — or CI — conference that brings together CI professionals from around the world. Organized by Comintelli and sponsored by Intelligence2day®, the event offers outstanding opportunities for networking, learning and giving back, as well as inspiring and drawing inspiration from intelligence leaders and fellow CI professionals.

On April 11, Mansfield will moderate a roundtable discussion titled “Managing expectations in a changing CI world.” The conversation will center on what best practices have proven to be most successful in CI. In addition, it will focus on how leaders’ expectations are changing as a result of disruptive business models, as well as how CI professionals can effectively manage those expectations.

On April 12, Mansfield will host the user conference workshop “How to set up early warnings within Intelligence2day®.” He’ll discuss how an early warning process functions, what elements it requires to be successful and the various forms of indicator classifications. He’ll also explain how to bring all of these concepts into Intelligence2day®.

As an expert qualitative and quantitative researcher, Mansfield possesses more than 13 years of experience providing high-quality decision support services. He’s well-versed in strategic planning, international business practices and value chain analysis across a broad range of industries. In addition, he’s highly skilled at overseeing many different types of global projects including private company profiles, logistics and distribution, supply chain analyses, industry trends, product launches, pre-merger and acquisition due diligence, pricing analyses, facility assessments, ongoing monitoring assessments, product development and benchmarking.

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