Why Use Competitive Intelligence Software?

Published: October 3, 2019

Benefits of using competitive intelligence software

It’s no secret that having the proper tools to organize business data and information gives a company an outlook on their market. With so much information in a business’s day to day processes, “infobesity” describes the overload state intelligence functions are in. Companies rely on data to better their practices, but it’s always a challenge to interpret numbers efficiently.

Fortunately, competitive intelligence software provides a solution for your industry.

What Is Competitive Intelligence Software?

A marketing or competitive intelligence software combines data into time-sensitive organization methods. Simply put, data and other information is taken, stored and calculated to show professionals where their business stands based on current inputs. The analysis of business information gives companies the chance to look at competitive activity and plan efforts accordingly.

At its core, competitive intelligence software lets you catch a glimpse of the marketplace in an efficient and coordinated manner.

Benefits of Proactive Worldwide Business Intelligence Software

The Proactive Worldwide platform comes from a partnership with Comintelli to offer Intelligence2day. Employed by tens of thousands of users, our competitive intelligence software can provide:

  • Business insights
  • Competitive advantages
  • Foresight into the future
  • Lower decision-making risks
  • Enhanced speed to market
  • Increased awareness
  • Predicted behaviors
  • Influence to your investments

As one of the best technology solutions for your business, Proactive Worldwide will let you choose the service level that meets your needs. Our different packages will give you a cloud-based or on-premise delivery of our service, perfectly suited to your needs. The dashboards are easy to use and work seamlessly with computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Enhancing Your Competitive Approach

Intelligence2day(R) can optimize the way in which your business works with market information. With Proactive Worldwide, your company will be able to find, categorize and communicate with your team through a variety of features. We supply your employees with access to RSS feeds, web monitoring and Google news.

Together, your workers can comment, vote, share and more with cloud-based functions that keep entire departments on the same page. Taking fewer than 30 days to start up our software, Proactive Worldwide encourages our clients to watch an exclusive demo to see how our service is customizable to each business.

Visualize Your Next Steps

Why use competitive intelligence software? Intelligence2day will let your team see valuable information for what it’s worth. Instead of crunching numbers and searching for competitive information, the Proactive Worldwide service presents quantifiable data in a visually friendly way.

Intelligence2day breaks data down into visual charts, graphs and animations to save you time. Our service adapts to any industry and makes data mining a struggle of the past. Competitive intelligence software is on the rise because it helps businesses small and large learn from mistakes and take an educated approach for the future.

Working With Proactive Worldwide for Business Intelligence Software

Proactive Worldwide can transform the way your business operates. By watching our Intelligence2day demo video, you can discover what our service does for our clients. Contact Proactive Worldwide today for more information about the products and services we can offer to better your market placement.

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