Proactive Worldwide Will Present at Pharma CI Europe in Basel, Switzerland

Published: February 26, 2019

Aaron Derdowski, Ph.D. Pharma CI Europe March 2019

Schaumburg, Illinois, February 26, 2019

Vice President, Health Care & Life Sciences of Proactive Worldwide Aaron Derdowski, Ph.D., will be sharing his expertise in a presentation titled “The Asset Journey: Optimizing Tools and Personnel to Maximize ROI from CI Throughout” at Pharma CI Europe in Basel, Switzerland on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

Making regulatory predictions is highly dependent on a myriad of variables throughout the lifecycle of drug development — also referred to as the asset journey. Each step has its own unique questions, challenges and indicators that can be leveraged to forecast the drug’s expected impact on the relevant therapeutic landscape.

Dr. Derdowski will provide an overview of the tools, key personnel, and strategies needed to successfully monitor specific steps of the asset journey. Regardless of the specific therapeutic area, by implementing the right combination of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and suitable tools, organizations can achieve maximum ROI when they perform competitive monitoring in the drug development sector.

With the average new drug taking a minimum of 10 years and costing $2.6 billion to develop, pharmaceutical companies need to be aware of all of the variables that could impact the development and commercialization of a new product. In his presentation, Derdowski will highlight the concerns and considerations of each stage, as well as the strategies and tools organizations can use to navigate them. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the factors that can impact the realization and success of their products.

Proactive Worldwide has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, leading numerous pharmaceutical engagements for some of the industry’s key players. This expertise, along with primary evidence-based research, is critical to providing insights into the pharmaceutical landscape of today and tomorrow.

Derdowski coordinates client and research management for a variety of pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare engagements ranging from small, immediate projects to long-term worldwide ones. He has spearheaded more than 200 engagements and possesses a high level of expertise in the tracking pharmaceutical development.

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