Technology Research & Analysis

Technology Research and Analysis

With changing business models, new technology, increased competition, and increased regulatory pressures, companies are looking for a way to anticipate the future and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Today’s technology companies are in a fiercely competitive business space. Whether it’s a major tech organization releasing the latest iteration of its most popular product or a new startup unveiling a hotly anticipated app destined to disrupt the market, the competitive pressures that technology companies face are ongoing and show no signs of slowing down.

The tech sector actually thrives on disruptive innovations. Yet at the same time, large companies in this space are fighting harder than ever to protect their market presence. For tech companies to remain competitive, the ability to anticipate their competitors’ moves is as important as the resources and efforts they commit to research and development.

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To put the level of competition in the tech space into perspective, consider the fact that none of the sector’s Big 5 companies — Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft — have less than a 60 percent approval rating from their customers. The competition to provide new, exciting products and services to the public is a constant concern for all.

Clearly, innovation is critical to doing business in this dynamic market. But how do companies determine their best strategies when so much of their success depends on differentiating themselves from their competitors’ campaigns and product releases? The answer lies in obtaining knowledge that allows executive leaders to make actionable decisions with confidence, and that knowledge comes in the form of competitive intelligence — or CI.

Technology Competitive Intelligence

It’s essential to be aware of what your competitors know about your company and be able to take the necessary actions to thwart their efforts and prioritize yours. In this endeavor, there’s no substitute for timely technology market research and ongoing monitoring performed by a leading CI firm like Proactive Worldwide.

For well over two decades, we’ve been providing companies of all sizes with tailored CI services that allow them to make better decisions so that they can thrive in their respective markets. Our methods are ethical, proven and evidence-backed. What’s more: We’re such a trusted name in the CI industry that we’re currently engaged in research in more than 47 countries across practically every major market.

As many as 60 percent of organizations have migrated their IT systems to cloud-based solutions or are planning to do so by next year. It follows that a trend like this one brings both new opportunities and increased competition to companies offering cloud computing services. But equipped with professional CI services in the form of competitive research, profiles and assessments, forward-thinking companies can get ahead of their competitors — and stay in the lead.

In addition to our technology market research, our CI services are extensive and include the following:

  • Market entry and defense: Gain detailed insights into the opportunities for entering and/or defending your market presence at the right time with a strategy that fully takes the anticipated responses from your competitors into account.
  • Competitive organizational strategy: From optimizing the level of automation in your enterprise to nurturing how well your departments collaborate and share knowledge, our competitive organizational strategy services will have your company achieving new levels of balance and performance in no time.
  • Competitive early warning briefs: Nobody in business likes bad surprises. Our early warning briefs will give you the time you need to consider proactive measures to deal with everything from market risks to emerging disruptions.
  • Competitive intelligence training and education: We offer your executive team and knowledge professionals the type of CI training that can make a distinct difference in how they recognize and make use of actionable intelligence. Our educational opportunities are practical, memorable and above all, applicable.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Blink and you’ll miss the latest tech innovation. The technology market is growing and changing constantly, which means you need a team dedicated to staying on top of the industry’s best opportunities.

Proactive Worldwide — Your One-Stop CI Resource

With changing business models, new technology, increased competition, and increased regulatory pressures, companies are looking for a way to anticipate the future and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

At Proactive Worldwide, our leading custom research and analyst teams provide critical and timely benchmarking insight into the global market and competitive dynamics in current and emerging market segments.

Some of the market segments we regularly provide targeted CI services to include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Wireline and wireless
  • Data and voice
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Software & Peripherals
  • Cable and satellite

Key capabilities / experience:

  • Warranty & service metrics
  • Customer experience
  • Street-level pricing analysis
  • Organizational structure & compensation plans
  • Retention strategies
  • Global supply chain analysis
  • Digital payments and ecommerce
  • Software evaluation benchmarking
  • SaaS price consulting and CI

Proactive Worldwide — Providing World-Class Competitive Intelligence Consulting

Since 1995, our Proactive Worldwide team has been committed to providing world-class CI services to companies that are passionate about their present and future success. We’d be proud to do the same for your organization.

To learn more about our technology competitive intelligence services, feel free to contact us today.

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