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Medical Devices

Truly remarkable things are happening in the medical device field today that incorporate tremendous leaps forward in advanced technology. Bring up any number of serious health challenges stemming from the effects of aging, chronic disease, injury or accident, and chances are there’s a medical device or wireless wearable sensor—on the market or at least on the R&D horizon—that holds real promise in helping patients more easily and accurately self-manage their healthcare needs and improve their quality of life.

If you’re a medical device manufacturer competing in this breakneck-speed environment, it may be time to get a check-up on your own organization’s competitive health. AI, Big Data, 3D digital prototyping, and IoT technology are all doing their parts to help medical device manufacturers design and develop high-quality products while minimizing design costs and time-to-market. While this represents a huge leap forward for medical devices, what about the competitive side of that equation? How well does your business plan for and alleviate competitive risk, or even serve as a disruptor in its own market? Where does your organization land on the competitive spectrum of attracting investors, or developing a reliable sales pipeline?

PWW’s HCLS Competitive Intelligence services are here to help you find out, with game-changing, doctorate-level research, analysis, and expert guidance to help your business craft a market strategy built for today’s realities with a supporting competitive intelligence program specifically focused on the strategic insights that will help your enterprise minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Unlike most CI consultants, PWW’s HCLS practice is led by a cadre of prominent Ph.D.-level analysts who supplement their work with primary research and best-practice methodologies< that deliver unpublished, impactful insights and implications for your business. Working in collaboration with your own leadership team, CI Manager, Brand Manager, and Market Researcher, PWW’s CI and competitive monitoring services offer the following benefits:

  • We assess both your on-market and pipeline devices, including salesforce structure and sizing, messaging, and competitive strategy;
  • We incorporate competitive monitoring and primary research into the products that have impact on your product line (needles, syringes, IV sets and solutions, flow cytometers, insulin pens, remote diagnostic equipment, wearable sensors, etc.);
  • We focus on real-time data collection, integrative analytics and Bayesian inference modeling to yield exceptionally accurate approval and launch predictions on new devices.

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