Manufacturing and Industrial Research & Analysis

Manufacturing and Industrial Research and Analysis

For today’s manufacturers, disruption is practically a day-to-day to experience. Whether it’s automation on the factory floor or new inventory management systems, both technological and management applications are having huge impacts on how effective and responsive businesses can be to internal and external demands.

Considering everything from the affordability of smart sensors to the rise of the Internet of Things, the manufacturing and industrial space is clearly entering a new era of intelligence — one where better, timelier data drives its biggest and most important decisions. It’s also what’s behind the popular term “Industry 4.0,” which defines this ongoing trend to leverage as much data and analysis as possible through the integration of technological breakthroughs like cloud computing and data analytics.

To put this need for more data and better intelligence into perspective, Forbes reports that 68 percent of manufacturers are already investing in new data analysis initiatives. What’s more, 46 percent of manufacturers believe that implementing some form of data analysis program is now a requirement of doing business.

Clearly, industrial market intelligence and monitoring is no longer a luxury item reserved for a few visionaries and innovators. As the dawn of the smart factory is upon us, the need for the entire enterprise to be better prepared to make strategic changes based on well-informed insights is part of what will define successful operations in the manufacturing and industrial space from now on.

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Industrial Competitive Intelligence

Proactive Worldwide’s Industrial Goods team covers issues ranging from new product development and operational benchmarking to new market entry assessments and ongoing competitive monitoring. We are seasoned analysts of distribution strategies, lean manufacturing principles, production methodologies, raw material supply, global supply chains, and go-to-market strategies.

Our Industrial Goods team has years of experience and experience on hundreds of industrial goods projects, which makes our reports stand out with a truly 360-degree perspective. As a result of our evidence-driven work, our industry-leading competitive intelligence — or CI — services can help your business differentiate and strengthen itself in the following areas:

  • Market position: With a clearer understanding of the size of your market and how your company fits into it, your ability to make decisions that have their intended impact is far greater than ever before.
  • Business atmosphere: Our competitive intelligence doesn’t stop with what your competitors are up to. Instead, with timely, accurate knowledge about everything from anticipated regulatory changes to financial factors affecting your industry, you’ll be equipped with a clear business outlook that’s reliable and comprehensive.
  • Strategy development: With CI that enhances your awareness of your company’s full potential, you’re capable of developing business strategies that can take your business to the next level with speed, accuracy and confidence.

The Proactive Worldwide Team Approach

Our researchers and analysts provide clients with a team that is well-rounded in expertise and experienced in collecting hard-to-find information. The team includes investigative journalists, MBA graduates from top business schools, and staff members with degrees in industrial manufacturing and client-specific fields. Our diverse background is a key reason we have had successful relationships with some clients since the company was founded nearly 20 years ago.

What’s more: Our team members are well-equipped to supply you with the following targeted services — designed to deliver the results you’re looking for to improve your company’s competitive foothold.


Are you suffering from data overload? Our benchmarking services will take one of your most valuable assets — your data — and, by establishing directed performance metrics, turn your big data into big insights.

Benchmarking services include the following:

  • Go to Market strategies
  • Competitive sales structure
  • Distribution capabilities
  • Competitive R&D efforts
  • Plant assessments
  • Pricing assessments
  • Supply chain analysis


Who’s watching your competitors while you concentrate on your core business? With our monitoring services, you’ll stay up-to-date on everything from the latest market developments to your nearest competitor’s most likely response to your upcoming new product release.

Monitoring services include the following:

  • Competitor activity and movement monitoring
  • Market shifts
  • Disruptive technology
  • Customer activity monitoring
  • Threat indicators assessments

Market Entry and Defense

Making an entry into a new market can’t be left to chance, nor can you leave the defense of your current market presence to those who believe yesterday’s results dictate tomorrow’s outcomes.

For both market entry and defense, our following services can be of great assistance:

  • Competitive landscapes
  • Market sizing
  • Voice of customer
  • Win/Loss
  • Profiles
  • New product development
  • M&A pre-due diligence

Proactive Worldwide — Your Trusted Source for Manufacturing Market Intelligence Consulting

Since 1995, Proactive Worldwide has been synonymous with high-quality competitive intelligence produced using the most ethical and productive methods in the CI industry. Today, our role in the CI sphere has grown to the point that we’re actively engaged in research in more than 47 countries across the majority of industries.

To learn more about how our manufacturing market intelligence consulting can help your organization, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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