Consumer Goods Research & Analysis

Consumer Goods Research and Analaysis

Successful companies in the consumer goods sector are often defined by their ability to react quickly and nimbly to pressures from their competitors as well as from their overall market. Simply put, to be satisfied with being reactive in this competitive landscape is typically not sufficient to retain a competitive edge. So how do your leading decision-makers get the support and insights they need to confidently make forward-thinking decisions and strategies?

The answer involves understanding the role consumer goods market intelligence and monitoring plays in keeping your company informed, agile and above all, competitive. In addition, since not all intelligence is created equal, it also involves appreciating the many benefits on offer when you take advantage of targeted competitive intelligence — or CI — services provided by a skilled consulting agency like Proactive Worldwide.

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Consumer Goods Competitive Intelligence

Our Consumer Goods team sets the standard for decision support. We cover retail strategy, new product development, systems benchmarking, market intelligence monitoring, direct-store drop strategies, distribution benchmarking, component material sourcing, packaging advances, and more. Our up-to-the-minute competitive insights are what you need to know.

Our team has years of experience not only in food and beverages and CPG-related topics but in collecting hard-to-find information through primary and secondary research techniques. Over the last 20 years, our team has conducted hundreds of studies that involve the competitive environment within the CPG and food & beverage space. We employ researchers and analysts with a wide variety of backgrounds, including journalism, MBAs from top business schools, the physical sciences, and organizational psychology.

Moreover, with more than two decades of providing industry-leading CI to companies like yours, our proprietary research methods are simply some of the best in the business.

Remember that today’s businesses can’t hope to succeed based solely on the design and manufacture of their products. There are too many other factors that come into play and disrupt strategy. Knowing what your competitors are up to, pricing your products accordingly and protecting your market presence are just some of the issues that are as vital to your business’s success as the products and/or services you provide.

Consumer Goods Market Research

To get ahead — and stay ahead — of your competitors involves CI that’s consistent, targeted and cost-effective. We inherently understand this need at Proactive Worldwide, which is why our consumer goods market research offers the following services and benefits.


Raw data doesn’t become intelligence on its own. Benchmarking — supported by the right performance metrics — can give you meaningful insights into almost every aspect of your company. Check out the following opportunities for improvement that benchmarking can reveal:

  • Key profitability and cost advantages
  • Organizational structure assessments
  • Operational benchmarking reports
  • Sales strategy benchmarking
  • Retail strategies and initiatives
  • Brand and product evaluation
  • Competitive R&D efforts

Market Entry and Defense

Accurate knowledge about factors like the size of your market and the presence of your competitors can make all the difference in the world when you’re rolling out a new product or defending your current presence. Our market entry and defense work is prized by consumer goods companies for the following benefits and features:

  • Competitive profiles
  • Global market assessments
  • New market entry assessments
  • M&A pre-due diligence
  • Risk assessments


There’s no substitute for staying informed about the latest drivers and disrupters in your market space. Businesses that have actionable knowledge and the business strategy in place to make necessary adjustments are far more likely to meet with success. If you want to keep your executive leadership well-informed, count on our team at Proactive Worldwide to supply best-in-class monitoring services that include:

  • Competitor activities and movements
  • Market shifts
  • Disruptive technology
  • Customer activity monitoring
  • Threat indicators assessments

Areas of Expertise

You know your business, and we know your market. The combination of that knowledge is what makes our relationships with clients truly extraordinary. We’re proud to form long-term relationships with many of our clients due in large part to our specialized fields of expertise — which include the following areas:

  • Beverages (CSC, non-CSC, water, tea, energy, drinks, and functional)
  • Cleaning products
  • Food service and distribution
  • Food (canned and frozen, dairy, candy and confections, chocolate, gum, flavorings, grains)
  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Personal care and hygiene

Proactive Worldwide — Consumer Goods Competitive Intelligence Consulting

Since 1995, we’ve consistently grown and refined our approach to supplying businesses with the best in competitive intelligence consulting services. Today, we’re one of the world’s leading CI firms — engaged in active research in more than 47 countries across all major industries.

Ready to experience the many benefits of our consumer goods research and analysis for yourself? Contact us to learn more.

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