Virtual War Games and Scenario Planning

An Effective Alternative to In-Person Strategy Sessions

Virtual War Games and Scenario Planning

Improve global participation and attendee engagement while maximizing return-on-investment

An effective competitive strategy constantly grows and evolves to meet industry standards. If your current planning processes feel like they’re losing effectiveness with team members working remotely, virtual business wargaming could help get you back on the right track. This resource is designed to train and educate corporate decision makers so they can develop and implement the smartest, high impact moves and countermoves.

Proactive Worldwide’s Virtual Business War Games test your existing strategies or help you to create new strategies while significantly improving your team’s understanding of and insight into competitors, their capabilities and their possible actions. The workshops involve pre-game planning, development of briefing books, a series of 3-hour, multi-day mini-workshops, and prioritization of actionable strategies. If you’re ready to find out whether your executive team and employees are prepared to face the future of the industry, take advantage of virtual wargaming opportunities today.

How it works

  • One main group meeting room and 3-4 breakout rooms
  • A dedicated Proactive facilitator will be in each room
  • Teams will collaborate through Zoom video and audio, and create content via the Mural whiteboard platform
  • Workshop leader will monitor progress of participants in all breakout rooms
  • Apply features such as raising hands, chat, and polling to drive engagement
  • Results created in Mural during small group break outs will be automatically saved with 24/7 access (not a static document)
  • Group presentations, discussions, and debate of exercise outcomes

Organizational Benefits

  • Global staff collaboration
  • Focused, interactive, action-oriented exercises
  • Hands-on, vetted, easy-to-use online tools
  • Participative and inclusive leadership approach
  • Time to reflect on content
  • Max ROI — No airfare, hotel, meals or travel time

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