Managing Expectation Series: 5 Tips to Improve Client Understanding (Tip #2)

Published: August 30, 2016

If you missed our initial post for this five part series, be sure to read that first.


A key way to manage expectations is to seek perspective in answering a question – not precision. You can always gain perspective on any topic.

Ask your client: would you rather have 90% of questions answered based on an accurate perspective, or 10% of questions answered with absolutely precise information? Does it really significantly impact a decision to know that the annual sales of a privately held company are $102 million or $108 million? Isn’t a report that states that annual sales are between $100 million and $110 million sufficient to meet your needs?

Communicate to clients that it’s important not to get too hung up in the details, but rather to use the information provided in context of the bigger picture.

Next week we’ll dive into our next piece of advice that details why developing a specific project scope is critical to success. Be sure to check our blog for another update.