Customer Insights Consulting

Get inside the heads of your customers.

Customer Insights

Get inside the heads of your customers.

Customer Insight is the analysis of consumer trends with the objective of increasing the sales and effectiveness of a service or product. It enables manufacturers and service providers to understand what consumers are looking for so that they can tailor their offerings and brand accordingly and as a result, improve their sales.

Our Customer Insights program is a mix-and-match menu of services, developed specifically to help your business get inside the heads of your customers to determine what they really think about the quality of your brand, your products, and your customer relations.

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Our detail-oriented, granular approach comprises four main modules which can be deployed singly or in combination to gain insights that pertain to your unique customer challenges. Depending on your organization’s particular needs, our Customer Experience research, User Experience research, Voice of Customer Survey data and Digital Strategy evaluations can help your executives establish a practical direction to take to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Customer Insight Services

At Proactive Worldwide, we offer the following Customer Insight services:

  • Customer experience: How your customers experience your brand defines how successful your products or services are in the market. A good customer experience builds brand loyalty and can boost sales, while a subpar one can cause attrition and negative publicity. We mine a wide range of sources to obtain primary information about your customer experience and help you analyze the data to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely customer insights.
  • User experience: With our user experience service, we help you observe and analyze a customer’s experience with your products or services in an online setting. We typically use video to record the individual’s interaction as they search for products, compare them to similar offerings in the market, interact with your customer support team and ultimately purchase the product. By analyzing the observations and comparing the resulting data with survey results and competitor data, we can generate actionable insights that you can deploy to strengthen the overall user experience.
  • Voice of customer: Voice of customer is a critical component of truly understanding what your customers want and how they perceive your brand. We use advanced interviewing techniques and strategies to generate the qualitative and quantitative insights you need to align your products and brand with consumers’ expectations.

Customer Research Consulting From Proactive Worldwide

Whether you use only one of our Customer Insight services or the entire program, our team of skilled researchers and analysts work with you to mine a range of sources and accurately analyze the resulting data. After interpreting the meaning of the analyses, we can help you create and implement a strategy to improve your products or services as well as your branding and messaging. This process in turn helps you stay ahead of the competition instead of lagging behind.

Since Proactive Worldwide’s inception in 1995, we’ve grown from a small group of competitive intelligence — or CI — experts to a world leader in our field. Although we’ve expanded our team and continuously use the most effective, cutting-edge tools, our mission and approach have remained the same. To support our clients’ decision-making, we listen attentively to their needs and deliver high-quality, evidence-based data that they can leverage to develop strategies that enable them to attain their business objectives.

Because our work is so effective and provides a strong foundation for strategic decision-making, we typically establish long-term relationships with our clients. To learn more about how our customer research services can benefit your organization, contact us today.


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