What Is Strategic Planning?

Published: August 6, 2019

business strategic planning definition

Regardless of the industry where you compete, data-driven insights will help you drive customer loyalty, win new business and gain market share. However, to really understand the competitive landscape, you’ll need competitive intelligence to gain a holistic view of what’s happening in the marketplace. Your strategic plan is your roadmap to sustainable growth. Without one, your competitors will uncover and capitalize on opportunities faster. But with one, you can effectively model scenarios, solve customer pain points and find the angle that will separate your business from the pack.

Proactive Worldwide helps established businesses evaluate the competitive marketplace to uncover hidden opportunities and plan a path forward. Our customer-centric strategic planning services will help you determine how, who and where to compete. With Proactive Worldwide, you can transform and energize your organization sooner — and that means you can look forward to a stronger return on investment later.

Effective Strategic Planning

Proactive Worldwide puts the voice of your customer at the heart of your strategic plan. We believe effective strategic planning requires three key inputs:

  1. Customer needs and wants. Our research can help you validate suspected customer trends and unearth new ones, providing a clear answer to the question, what does your customer need that they can’t currently get?
  2. Competitor strategy. Proactive Worldwide will thoughtfully analyze your competition. What are they doing that’s working — and what isn’t? How can your business capitalize?
  3. Market intelligence. Identify areas of opportunity and right-size your market with Proactive Worldwide. What areas of opportunity exist? Are those opportunities changing?

The Strategic Planning Process and Deliverables

Proactive Worldwide will deliver a detailed report to your business that succinctly summarizes the project scope and its conclusions in a format suitable for presentation to senior management. At a top level, the process incorporates:

  • Qualitative storytelling backed up by data. We’ll deliver the message that the voice of the customer shares, using metrics to back up our findings.
  • Analytic expertise. We don’t just gather data — we unearth findings and analyze them carefully to highlight trends.
  • Small-batch research. Instead of relying on call centers staffed by underqualified employees, Proactive Worldwide employs highly-educated researchers with years of relevant experience.
  • Adaptive fact-finding methodologies. Our approach lets us pivot quickly when necessary, allowing us to adapt our approach based on research outcomes.

Defining Specific Objectives

Proactive Worldwide’s adaptable approach allows us to align our methodologies with your specific objectives. Our customers turn to us for competitive intelligence on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive insights
  • “What if” scenarios and concept testing
  • Needs assessment
  • Customer sentiment analysis

Years of working with some of the business world’s most impactful brands tell us that when organizations put the customer’s needs at the center of their strategic plan, they can significantly increase their success rates.

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