What Is a Customer Journey Map?

Published: September 30, 2019

What Is a Customer Journey Map?

To run a business, you need to create positive experiences and memories for your customers. So how do you optimize your business operations to create the ideal customer experience?

The process begins with a customer journey map, a powerful tool for leaders to make business-critical observations and predictions. A customer journey map can help you get inside the minds of your customers and increase your success.

Why Is a Customer Journey Map Useful?

A customer journey map is a visual aid that gives businesses an objective, accurate perspective of their customer interactions. They describe the customers, their goals and the steps they take with your company to achieve those goals. These maps also contain touchpoints, which are all the ways your customers interact with your company, from clicking ads to shopping on your website and communicating with customer service.

Customer journey maps allow you to view these touchpoints, interactions and experiences, then determine areas of strength and weakness. Their design gives businesses the perspective to make tweaks to their strategies and understand customer needs on a larger scale.

How Can a Customer Journey Map Help You?

Building a customer journey map offers many benefits for your business. With a journey map, your company can:

  • Analyze and extrapolate data
  • Determine customer needs
  • Visualize customer/business relationships
  • Take advantage of opportunities for growth
  • Fill in gaps and inconsistencies
  • Redefine business goals

With the information from a customer journey map, you can do more than fix small issues within your business. You can improve and innovate in your strongest areas, expand your business and reach a wider audience. Knowing where to invest your time can lead to more satisfied customers and greater profits over the long term.

Creating a Map of the Customer Experience

Building a customer journey map takes time and research. You start the process by compiling existing data and cooperating with other business leaders to perform additional research. The goal is to create a complete picture of your customers’ goals and their interactions with the company.

It’s important to ensure that the data you collect is accurate and relevant to your company’s needs. A completed customer journey map should be a visual representation of goals, customer insights and experiences, expectations and opportunities for improvement.

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