How Often Should I Create Customer Journey Maps?

Published: September 30, 2019

How Often Should I Create Customer Journey Maps?

How do you determine the ideal customer experience for your company? A specific, streamlined plan for addressing customer needs is a valuable tool, especially when laid out an easy-to-decipher visual representation. Customer journey maps touch on a number of customer experience components and areas for improvement in your business.

Company-wide changes mean it’s time to create a customer journey map. This tool is most beneficial when there is a change in leadership, shifting business strategy or an important quarter when you need to get into the minds of your customers.

Use Journey Maps for Strategic Planning

You want to create new customer journey maps every quarter or every six months to assess how your current policies and methods align with business goals. Situations that may warrant the creation of a journey map include:

  • Categorizing customers: Your products or services may apply to more than one market or demographic. But there are times when you want to single out a specific group. A customer journey map defines the differences between groups so you can develop targeted marketing strategies and better understand the minds of your customers.
  • Defining specific responsibilities: Communication can become lost in a large company without clearly defined roles. A customer journey map organizes each step and helps you determine which employees or departments perform certain duties. Once everyone understands their responsibilities when it comes to satisfying customers, your operations will run more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Determining areas of success: Let’s say your profits have risen in a certain area, or a product feature has gone unnoticed or unused by customers. A journey map helps you analyze which parts of your business work and which need improvement or reanalysis. Then, you can optimize your customer experience strategy for the sake of both financial gain and customer satisfaction.
  • Expanding your reach: A map of the customer experience gives you an objective view of the areas where your company has the potential for growth and development. You can use a journey map to determine the right time to invest in more employees, better equipment or new methods.

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A positive customer experience is the key to a successful business. Customer journey maps are essential to foster growth and determine areas of weakness. Contact Proactive Worldwide today to find out how we can design a strategic customer journey map customized to your needs.