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Recently, there’s been an increased focus on the financial and business trends facing the Pharma and Biotech sector and their relationship to competitive intelligence — or CI. What’s surprising is that despite the ethical and professional measures most quality CI firms take to demonstrate that both their methods and the resulting intelligence can be trusted by their clients, there’s often still a gap between intelligence producers and users in the pharmaceutical space.

However, on closer inspection, it’s clear that this gap is narrowing due to a number of issues, including fast-developing market pressures and more robust CI methods. And leading the way in bridging this gap is Proactive Worldwide, with our more than two decades of highly respected, evidence-based service to the Pharma and Biotech sector.

With increased pressure on costs, competition, and regulation, the healthcare environment is undergoing constant change. Proactive Worldwide’s longstanding focus, continuous research, and collective expertise in the Pharma and Biotech sector has consistently supported our client partners’ strategic goals in developing and maintaining dependable market strategies to create market gains, commercialize revolutionary new treatments, and optimize approaches to promote existing drug therapies.

The result for pharma companies is that when CI is seen for what is — a systematic approach to the ethical collection, analysis and reporting of actionable intelligence — executive leaders can quickly apply it. This change enables them to make better, more informed decisions that simultaneously mitigate risks and seize opportunities that their organizations have before them.

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Primary Research Supports Successful Business Decisions

Backed by the expertise of our Ph.D.-level researchers, the CI you receive from Proactive Worldwide is based on industry-leading primary research. With decades of experience gathering original information from both internal and external sources, we never recycle generic data or already published research.

Instead, with our proven methods for gleaning competitive knowledge from primary sources such as interviews, surveys, questionnaires, site visits and more, the insights you get from our primary research are precisely what you need to improve your competitive position in the pharma and biotech sector.

Many other companies rely on secondary research and yesterday’s information that’s already in the public domain. However, everything from new product launches to market defense strategies can only be effectively determined when they’re guided by unpublished, non-public information that’s timely, original and related directly to your field — which is precisely what our primary research methods provide you with.

To put it simply, information is power. And our primary research produces some of the most powerful information you’ll ever encounter.

Pharma Competitive Intelligence Services

If your business is considering Competitive Intelligence to drive your organization’s growth, Proactive Worldwide’s Healthcare & Life Sciences team has the business, industry, and scientific expertise to provide the primary research, contextual insight and perspective to optimize your business decisions. As a leading practitioner in Pharma Competitive monitoring, Traditional Pharmaceutical Competitive and Market Intelligence services, and Conference/Social Media monitoring, we can help your business plan for and achieve your strategic objectives.

Consider that with CI services from Proactive Worldwide, you’re far more prepared to have answers to the following questions — with sufficient time to formulate a strategy and institute change to meet whatever challenges lie ahead:

  • Based on in-depth analysis of the capabilities of your competitors, what might they be planning to accomplish in the near future that could have an impact on your organization’s market presence?
  • What do the present actions and strategies of your competitors reveal about their goals for the future — and how might they be in conflict with your own?
  • Based on careful review of your competitors’ expectations, what beliefs and predictions do they hold for the future of your sector?

Pharma and Biotech Competitive Intelligence Consulting

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Competitive Intelligence Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  1. Competitive monitoring of all aspects of pharmaceutical product development from R&D through lifecycle management strategies;
  2. Tracking and analysis of competing manufacturers’ drug approvals and drug launch dates in real time;
  3. Medical conference monitoring, including all planning and post-conference reporting;
  4. Using double-blinded key opinion leader interviews or direct participation/presentation to advisory boards;
  5. Assessment of potential investment and M&A opportunities;
  6. Evaluating current salesforce structure, approach and conversion rates

Solving these multi-dimensional market research and primary intelligence challenges to gain strategic insights is what Proactive’s HCLS practice does best, with multi-disciplinary leadership and analyst teams that include Ph.D. and MBA-level talent.

Our HCLS practice leaders have a proven track record of enhancing business value across industry and intelligence market segments and business functions for CI Managers, Brand Managers, and Market Researchers alike, which results in enabling top-level decision makers to make sense of where your enterprise stands and navigate your success more confidently within the Pharma and Biotech space.

PWW Cross-segment experience:

  • Biotechnology / Life Sciences
  • Biosimilar Entry and Defense
  • Generic Entry and Defense
  • Health Plans / Insurance / PBM / Specialty Pharmacy / ACA
  • Market Access Strategies
  • Pharmaceuticals (LCM, Rx to OTC)
  • Medical Devices
  • Oncology and Hematology
  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • Central Nervous System
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Vaccines
  • Cardiovascular/Metabolic Endocrine and Diabetes
  • Respiratory Diseases

Proactive Worldwide — Customized Pharma Market Intelligence Consulting

With a combination of Ph.D. level pharmaceutical experts and MBA level business analysts, our team at Proactive Worldwide delivers the type of customized competitive intelligence that will allow your executive leaders to make better decisions and strategic plans with confidence. It’s a testament to our research methods and decades of CI experience that we’re currently engaged in active research in more than 47 countries across every major business sector.

To discover how our pharma and biotech competitive intelligence consulting services can give your organization the competitive edge it deserves, contact us today.

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