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War Gaming

War Gaming

Learn to Play Chess While Your Competitors Play Checkers

Proactive Worldwide’s interactive Business War Games test your existing strategies or help you to create new strategies while significantly improving your team’s understanding of and insight into competitors, their capabilities and their possible actions. The workshops involve pre-game planning, development of briefing books, a one- or two-day workshop and prioritization of actionable strategies.

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Proactive’s Business War-Gaming services deliver results that are easily integrated into your business, offering the following benefits:

  • Align leadership on the market and competitive landscape
  • Develop thinking for moves and countermoves that increase your probability of success when market and competitive uncertainties become reality
  • Enable better decisions by clarifying and prioritizing strategies and raising awareness of possible competitive actions
  • Redefine business plans and investment priorities and set market and competitive intelligence monitoring requirements

In addition, business war gaming also invites you to challenge stifling, siloed internal practices that stand in the way of communication and collaboration and to instead foster cross-functional collaboration and teamwork. Communication and creativity are bolstered as the barriers between your business, your competitors and your success are broken down and eliminated. The result is an enterprise-wide increase in driven, cohesive strategy and competitive intelligence knowledge.

Business War-Gaming Consulting by Industry

To be effective, war-gaming consulting must take into account the market forces and competitive landscape of your industry. At Proactive Worldwide, we’ve been helping businesses hone their competitive intelligence through war-gaming exercises for well over two decades. In that time, we’ve helped top decision-makers recognize and seize opportunities across the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare: Competitive momentum is of the utmost importance in the healthcare and pharma sectors. We deliver PhD-level subject matter expertise and research to help you uncover actionable insights that put you squarely ahead of your competitors.
  • Financial services: In a sector that’s experiencing technological disruptions — as well as calls for increased productivity — on an almost daily basis, war gaming is an unsurpassed method of discovering and developing new strategies.
  • Consumer goods: When it’s time to evaluate an organization’s competitive strategies, even top performers can miss key indicators and insights. Fortunately, with war-gaming consulting, your success isn’t left to chance — it becomes the guiding benchmark in everything you do.
  • Manufacturing and industrial: From lean manufacturing principles to go-to-market strategies, our Industrial Goods team has the manufacturing sector experience to make your war-gaming exercises a top-of-the-line success.
  • Technology: Whether it’s anticipating your largest competitor’s next move or preparing for the newest regulatory development, there’s only one safe place to be in the technology sector, and that’s out in front. Our war-gaming consultants can help put you on the fast track to first place.

World Class War-Gaming Services From Proactive Worldwide

David Kalinowski, Proactive Worldwide’s president, leads PWW’s Business War Game practice. He has earned a special place among his peers as an authority on the subject through many years of dedicated research and lessons learned in delivering war-gaming services. David is frequently sought out to share his special war-gaming insights and expertise at industry forums and educational workshops. This includes leading war gaming / strategic role-playing exercises and training workshops for members of the Society for Insurance Research (SIR), the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) association, Association for Strategic Planning (ASP), and others.

At Proactive Worldwide, our strength as a research and consulting firm has grown consistently since our inception in 1995. What began as a small operation has grown into one of the world’s leading business strategy development firms thanks to our commitment to our clients and the quality of our service.

Over the years, we’ve never wavered from establishing strong relationships with all of our clients. In addition, our expertise in facilitating business war-gaming has also grown and adapted — and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our processes are proven and designed to be the best cultural fit for businesses.

To see firsthand the results of our tailored war-gaming services for your organization, fill out our contact form. You can also reach David directly at 847-483-7310 or davidk@proactiveworldwide.com.

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