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Running a business is about so much more than how many products or services you sell today — or even how many you’ll sell tomorrow. It’s also about careful, effective strategic planning and constant process improvement over a long period of time. With the proper combination of diligence and evidence-based predictions, it’s possible to put a business strategy in motion that will set your organization up for future success.

Since 1995, Proactive Worldwide has been partnering with progressive business leaders who understand that planning with well-researched foresight is significantly preferable to 20/20 hindsight based on missed opportunities. PWW’s Strategic Planning consulting services are the proactive tools our clients use to ask for business direction before they get lost.

Strategic Assessments, Transformational Business Modeling, Scenario Planning and Wargaming are all part of our comprehensive Strategic Planning portfolio to help your organization devise, test, and deploy strategies based on substantive data and thorough research. The goal? To give your business a clearer path to getting out and staying out in front of your competition.

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Strategic Planning Services

Transformational Business Modeling

Scenario Planning

War Gaming

At Proactive Worldwide, we set ourselves apart from other strategic planning companies by keeping the focus on helping our clients acquire the knowledge and skill sets needed for strategic planning. We know our services yield superior results because we empower our clients to learn how to independently utilize strategic planning to advance their businesses. With an experienced consultant at your side, you can improve the decision-making skills of your organization’s leadership and take steps that will better serve customers.

Transformational Business Modeling

In the current fast-paced business landscape, senior-level managers, CEOs and executives need effective skills and tools as well as innovative and agile mindsets to successfully lead their organizations into the future. We’ll teach you how to think like a designer — by using design thinking techniques and visual tools — to communicate complex concepts to others.

Through high-energy workshops, our strategy consultants help decision-makers achieve a new perspective on their business models with the use of visual tools. The result is the creation of a common language that leaders can rely on to communicate their vision for the future. With our strategic planning method — founded on a systematic approach that encourages understanding, innovation, validation and implementation — new business models become clearer and far easier to grasp, explain and share.

Our transformational business modeling is so effective because we involve cross-functional teams that are tasked with bold projects over a short period of time. The result is a truly collaborative approach that gets to the heart of what’s important to organizations looking to unlock their potential for growth and transformation.

Scenario Planning

As a business leader, it’s important for you to have a knowledge and understanding of the possible scenarios that could affect your organization, customers and key stakeholders. With executive coaching from an expert, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to foresee potential outcomes and put together a planning process that will account for them.

As part of our Strategic Planning portfolio, we specialize in awakening and broadening clients’ perspectives for the future through our unique approach to scenario planning. ‘When executives are looking to empower and unify their leadership, our scenario-planning workshops deliver an experience that helps clearly identify what’s at stake in the current and future business landscapes.

Participants in scenario planning will gain a deeper awareness of the trends, threats and opportunities their organization must be prepared for. Plus, they’ll learn how having a realistic strategy in place to deal with these issues can help positively impact income, profitability and customer loyalty. In addition, by examining the implications of their strategies within a given scenario, decision-makers can better gauge if their responses to everything from new product launches to competitors’ activities are likely to have the intended impact. Our strategic planning sessions will, as a result, allow business leaders to feel more confident about each choice they make.


When it’s time to pressure test your understanding of your position in the market in relation to your competition, you can benefit from our business wargaming services. Through careful pre-planning, the creation of briefing books and a highly engaging wargaming workshop, business leaders can quickly assess how their market maneuvers and counter-measures stack up against their competitors’ expected strategies.

The key to effective strategic planning is knowing when and where to make improvements. Business war games present the ideal method to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie — with this information, you’ll be more equipped to make adjustments and find new ways to develop an edge over your competitors.

We can help break down siloed sectors of knowledge within your company by putting together cross-functional teams tasked with seizing specific opportunities that encourage fresh approaches and strategies. This process is especially effective when those teams are assigned to role-play as one of your competitors.

Putting a plan together is important, but it’s the plan implementation that matters most. That’s why our strategic planning consultants are committed to preparing clients for every scenario, possibility or transformation. From pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to financial services and technology companies, every organization in a major market sector can benefit from having a more agile approach to its own business strategy.

Working with a firm that offers strategic planning consulting services can help smooth over major business events, from changes in management to target consumer expansions. To learn more about any of the services offered through our Strategic Planning portfolio, contact us today.

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