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Transformational Business Modeling Consulting

Initiating and implementing a business model transformation takes vision. Yet even the most inspired visionaries frequently struggle to effectively communicate the changes and improvements they clearly see in their mind’s eye. Unfortunately, this disconnect between a vision and what’s communicated to the team entrusted with change management can result in key players feeling uncertain of important aspects related to the transformation.

This scenario is one of the main reasons so many transformations fail. Of course, change is vital to the business world. Failing to transform into a better business model can leave companies ill-equipped to fend off and survive activities from their competitors. Fortunately, there’s a better way to take a vision and support it with visual tools that effectively communicate what’s at stake, what can be gained and how to enact transformation in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

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Combining Business and Design

In this rapidly changing world, CEO’s, executive leaders and senior level managers need new tools, skills and a new mindset to prepare their organizations for the future. To make complex issues understandable for everybody, we believe you have to think as a designer, using visual tools and design thinking techniques. Our strategy designers have a background in both business and design.

Among business model services, at Proactive Worldwide, we stand out for our ability to keep the focus on our clients. We always work hard to give them the tools they need to make their most important value-creating ideas clear and understandable to the teams tasked with transforming theory into practice.

Refreshing and Energizing Workshops

We help you to look at your business (model) from a different perspective. Our strategy work consists of running refreshing, energizing workshops with you and your team, using a set of visual tools. The workshops help you to create a common language and a clear vision of the future, design your new business model, test it and define the first steps to implement it. We don’t write reports.

Because our time, like yours, is an important commodity, our workshops make the most of our time spent together. As we impart to you the tools you need to get the results you’re looking for, we’ll provide you with experiences that demonstrate the impact of what happens when our visual tools are used correctly. You’ll have increased confidence in your ability to communicate transformation so that your team can more readily become aligned with your vision.

Visual Tools

Our systematic method to UNDERSTAND-INNOVATE-VALIDATE-IMPLEMENT your business model starts with the Business Model Canvas. It also includes a set of other canvases that help you design new business models and a strategy for the future, i.e.: Context Canvas, Vision Canvas, Empathy Map, Value Proposition Canvas and Roadmap Canvas.

We don’t use the word “canvas” lightly. We employ it specifically for all of its physical and artistic connotations. When utilized correctly, a canvas can facilitate visual communication that depicts everything from scenarios and details to unique selling propositions and long-term objectives.


We help you and your team to unlock the existing knowledge in your organization adding our tools, inspiration, experience and knowledge. During a design meeting with the client before the start of our workshops, we select representatives from all parts of the organization and with different backgrounds for cross-functional teams and best results.

Don’t let a siloed approach to the most important aspects of transforming your business prevent you from attaining your objectives. With our business model transformation services, you can break new ground and gain more insights through the experience and perspective we bring to the exercise.

Oftentimes, when businesses try to form teams internally without the help of a professional consultant, the resulting groups contain organizational barriers that block the path to true cross-functionality. With our help, the time you spend in a workshop will be matched only by the excitement it creates when all participants are actively involved in co-creation.

Short, Bold Projects

Our strategy work consists of different workshops for each innovation phase UNDERSTAND – INNOVATE – VALIDATE – IMPLEMENT. Our projects are for a relatively short period of time. We want to help you to do it yourself, with your own people. Every project starts with a design meeting to define the final goals to be reached.

With this approach, you and your people can feel the progress you’re making and become more aware of your growing potential when each goal is accomplished. This progress is essential for exercises that must produce alignment and transparency for you to enjoy the benefits of transformation.

Proactive Worldwide — Business Model Consulting With Built-In Results

For innovative transformational business modeling, you simply can’t match the proven results of our workshops. Since 1995, we’ve been delivering winning services to professionals and teams tasked with the most important decisions in their companies.

Isn’t it time your vision receives the support it deserves? Contact ustoday to find out what we can do for your business’s success.

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