Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Proactive Worldwide specializes in preparing clients for future scenarios through our unique business scenario planning workshops that empower and align leadership. Our strategy-testing offerings equip your team to effectively execute and deliver on future circumstances as they arise.

You never want to be two steps behind the competition. Our scenario planning consulting services will help put your company out ahead and keep you there. Perhaps you’re concerned about your competition’s reaction to a new product you’re ready to release, or maybe you want to protect your market presence in a volatile business environment. In both cases, it’s critical to get a broader perspective on the factors that are likely to impact your strategies.

It’s also critical to work with a scenario planning company with the kind of track record of successes that we have at Proactive Worldwide. To gain an understanding of what your competition knows, work with our team of expert consultants and subject matter experts who live, eat and breathe business scenarios across multiple languages, products and industries.

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Business Scenario Modeling

Shifting customer preferences, new technologies and current/emerging competitors all test the viability of your strategies on a daily basis. Business scenario modeling can help your organization make the most of this competitive situation — and even thrive in it.

Proactive Worldwide helps define and align your leadership team around clear market definitions, pinpointing the key factors that could impact the competitive landscape. Our focused and realistic scenario planning services include the following deliverables:

  • Identifies global and local trends, opportunities and threats that could influence revenue, profitability, the customer base and your business footprint
  • Enables decision-makers to examine the strategic implications and options within each scenario
  • Forms the basis for executable strategies that are based on market facts and trends with leadership consensus on these potential future outcomes

Our Scenario Planning excels at gauging the likely response of competitors if, for example, specific activities, campaigns, or new products are launched. In addition, our specialists can plan several moves in advance, including basing next steps on potential competitive response outcomes.

Equipped with these types of insights and preparations, you can make your business’s future transform from an unknown entity filled with uncertainty and fraught with unanswered questions into an ongoing opportunity to take advantage of every well-thought-out move you implement — as well as every misstep your competition makes.

Proactive Worldwide Provides Real-Time Support for Executive Decision-Makers

By never taking a one-size-fits-all approach, our business scenario modeling — from our intelligence-based strategic planning portfolio — can give you significantly better information and a broader perspective before crucial decisions need to be made. Since 1995, we’ve been supporting executive leaders with the CI they need make the most of their strategies and the markets in which they compete. For the same targeted support for your business, contact us today. You and your business will benefit.

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