Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Proactive Worldwide offers a range of intelligence training that helps your team excel in delivering insightful intelligence, enabling sound decisions and bringing value to your business. Using leading practices and relevant examples, the training sessions are highly interactive and include exercises that provide participants with an engaging and practical learning experience.

Competitive intelligence — or CI — function development remains a hot topic among leading executives and decision-makers. However, the debate often splinters into endless rounds of questioning when an attempt is made to place a dollar value on the impact directly generated by CI.

On the other hand, CI has been a major advantage for businesses that appreciate its function since even before the industry’s most recognizable organization, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals — or SCIP — was established in 1986.

So the question becomes, where can professionals, departments and organizations looking to bolster their market intelligence function development and find the right support for their endeavors? Fortunately, the answer is simple: Contact our team of CI experts at Proactive Worldwide, where for decades, we’ve been helping businesses harness the power of CI for maximum impact and strategic advantage. We can do the same for your organization.

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Competitive Intelligence Function Consulting

Proactive Worldwide’s benchmarking database, which tracks the effectiveness of dozens of global intelligence functions, reveals that few executives are satisfied with their return on investment in the function. There continues to be a challenge of linking intelligence to decision making. That is often because the the CI teams are not focusing on the right executive needs or have not established enough credibility with their stakeholders. Whether you need to create a new intelligence function or significantly improve the effectiveness of your existing department, Proactive Worldwide can help. Our leadership team has led dozens of functional effectiveness assessments and gap analyses. The results have helped clients prioritize and deliver actionable intelligence, enabling strategic and tactical decisions that positively impacted performance.

In addition, while where CI is placed within an enterprise can contribute to the success of the function in any given organization, CI’s value is also driven by having the right person who’s responsible for championing its significance and effectiveness. That’s why our vast experience with best CI practices regularly forms a foundation for educating top decision-makers on how to get the most out of their intelligence efforts — even after our services are completed.

Proactive Worldwide’s intelligence professionals leverage their extensive experience across multiple languages, cultures and industries to advance the effectiveness of our clients’ departments through a proven and rigorous benchmarking and mentoring process.

The following five steps form our proven approach to assessing, benchmarking, and improving on the effectiveness of your intelligence function:

  1. Strategic Evaluation: Assessing the stakeholder needs and overall effectiveness of your intelligence function internally while benchmarking capabilities externally.
  2. Envisioning: Determining the strategic purpose and governance that will advance your intelligence function and align the capability (people, process, and technology) with your firm’s strategies.
  3. Strategy: Designing an intelligence function that will add the most value to your firm, including organizational design, reporting structures, and direct/indirect resource recommendations.
  4. Implementation Planning: Creating a milestone-based plan that clearly demonstrates how the function delivers against the company’s highest priorities and strategic initiatives.
  5. Execution: Gaining approval and executing a multi-year plan to enable decisions based on relative competitive positions, buyer/customer trends, key supply issues and the probability of legal or regulatory changes.

Results of Market Intelligence Function Development

As a result of working with our team at Proactive Worldwide, your organization is enabled to lead a highly effective intelligence function that accomplishes both its primary and secondary purposes. First and foremost, we help ensure that your intelligence function is aligned with your company’s key strategies and initiatives — which gives it visibility and proper positioning within the organization. We are big believers that the CI team is not in the nice-to-know business.

Along with visibility and positioning, we next help establish a baseline to assess and improve the performance of your intelligence function. Subsequently, this ongoing assessment and improvement of your intelligence function has the knock-on effect of continually yielding intelligence that enables better, more evidence-based decisions that positively impact the performance and productivity of your organization.

Proactive Worldwide: Leading the Way in CI Function Development

In 1995, we began with a motivated core of CI experts. Our passion for helping businesses integrate and improve their operations by means of better intelligence has guided us ever since. After growing exponentially over the years, we’re now an industry leader in the CI sector, with ongoing research being conducted across dozens of countries and in every major business market — from manufacturing and consumer goods to financial services to technology and healthcare.

Our respected position in the CI sector is only matched by our talent for educating and communicating the importance of establishing a vibrant intelligence function within today’s most competitive enterprises. We form long-lasting relationships with our clients because they appreciate the noticeable results of our expertise.

To unlock the full potential of your intelligence function, contact us today and discover what our CI function consulting services can do for your business. Improved performance and better decision-making are in your future with Proactive Worldwide.

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