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The game has changed. We’ll help you pivot with confidence!

Covid Rapid Response

When the name of the game is healthy competition, market disruptors have the capacity to drive product and service improvements, compel industry innovations, and energize business growth. While this dynamic can and does produce winners and losers, during the COVID-19 pandemic there are no clear winners, and the game has changed entirely, inflicting painful costs and stress about the future within virtually every industry going forward.

Plan and Pivot with Confidence

Because COVID-19 has, perhaps irrevocably, flipped the rules of commerce on their head, Proactive Worldwide has launched Profile360 competitive profile service as a rapid-response catalyst for positive change. Profile360 is a baseline competitive research assessment designed to help your enterprise quickly navigate through these disruptive, shifting realities. More specifically, it’s geared toward solving both the challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s time-critical business scenarios, identifying immediate pain points, gaming out recommendations, and providing impeccable data support so your enterprise can build a real-world strategy around the following: 

  1. How has your competitive environment changed, due to COVID-19 as well as other ongoing political, economic, and environmental factors? 
  2. What immediate steps can your organization take to both withstand marketplace changes and develop practical opportunities? 
  3. How can your business weather permanent changes and adapt its business model to promote future growth?

Unlike standard market researchers, PWW’s Profile360 methodology leverages decades of next-level competitive intelligence experience. Our expert team is ideally suited for solving our clients’ urgent need for updated competitive and market intelligence to better understand their competitive position now, in six months, and even twelve months down the road:

  • Competitive profiles
  • Voice of Customer assessment
  • Landscape assessments
  • COVID-19 response profiles
  • Outsourcing CI functions
  • Automating CI capabilities
  • Ecommerce assessments
  • Supply chain assessments
  • HR benchmarking
  • Organization structure benchmarking
  • Monitoring programs
  • Pipeline development monitoring
  • Business war games and scrimmages

In a post-COVID-19 world, PWW’s Profile360 competitive research service can help your organization discover better insights into tomorrow’s competitive reality, operate from a position of strength amid all the disruption, and aim your organization toward growth and success for the foreseeable future.


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