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Regardless of how hard you work to design, develop and manufacture a great product or supply a fantastic service, not knowing your market and/or your competition can have a drastic impact on your ability to enter your particular market and defend your space there. For business leaders tasked with making decisions and establishing strategy, the biggest question is, “How can blind spots best be avoided?”

It’s a fair question since you can open up just about any business journal these days and read stories about companies that either misjudged their place in their respective market or failed to anticipate their competitors’ responses. Often, the same theme can be seen running throughout these scenarios: Business leaders become so focused on the success of a given product’s market entry that they fail to see its limitations compared to the larger competitive landscape they’re entering.

Fortunately, with targeted help from our team at Proactive Worldwide, you can leverage our more than two decades of experience in the competitive intelligence — or CI — industry. Maybe you’re entering a well-defined market or a totally new one. Perhaps you’re simply looking to defend your place in your current market. In all of these situations, our CI expertise can help you eliminate blind spots before they become costly errors in judgment.

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Competitive Market Entry and Defense

Proactive Worldwide’s Market Entry and Defense services empower your executives with the impactful intelligence they need to make decisions and execute strategies. Since CI is what we do full time, your decision-makers can have the confidence that they’re working with industry professionals who appreciate what’s at stake for the overall organization.

Proactive Worldwide’s rigorous intelligence gathering and competitive business analysis centers around strong local connections and cultural understanding. Our expert teams conduct interviews with competitors, suppliers, buyers, government representatives, distributors and others throughout the value chain.

Other services frequently rely on second-hand information and/or surveys with sizable margins of error. In contrast, our intelligence is gathered from first-hand knowledge holders in a manner that — much like investigative journalism — is aimed at getting the story right from beginning to end. It’s just another reason that our expert teams are so trusted that we’re currently engaged in research in more than 47 countries across all major industries — from technology and pharmaceuticals to financial services and consumer goods.

Our unique five-step process to energize your business/brand planning is unparalleled. From knowing how to unlock the information that matters in your market to establishing a roadmap for the successful implementation of your strategy, our process works through the following steps in a methodical fashion so that blind spots are discovered and dealt with early on in the process.

The five-step process is as follows:

  1. Conduct Market and Competitive Assessments
  2. Develop Vision and Goals
  3. Create Strategic Options
  4. Select Strategic Options
  5. Develop Implementation Roadmap

Market Entry Consulting

Proactive Worldwide’s market landscape overviews, detailed competitive profiles, and subsequent analysis provide you with the insights and criteria to inform your market entry and business defense decisions. You’ll come away with market entry and competitive strategies that:

  • Provide a detailed understanding of market size and segments, competitors and relative competitive positions, and opportunities for your business.
  • Qualify growth opportunities while highlighting and prioritizing factors that could lead to over- or underperformance.
  • Reveal competitors’ strategies, their avenues to success and the pitfalls they have experienced.
  • Showcase the products/services that have succeeded, with related messaging and key customer needs in each market.
  • Identify the best opportunities and potential blind spots in competitor strategies.
  • Enable leadership to make a clear assessment and decision on whether to pursue specific geographic or product/service market opportunities.
  • Document the key assumptions and success or risk drivers the intelligence team should actively monitor so that the business case is achieved.

We use in-depth intelligence that’s gleaned from our proprietary research techniques — including our own up-to-date databases for deep insight mining. That way, you’re prepared to recognize both opportunities and pitfalls in your market with sufficient time to formulate strategies and take the necessary actions to succeed. Knowing what your competitors know has never been so achievable.

Proactive Worldwide: The Intelligent Choice for Competitive Market Defense

Since 1995, we’ve been helping organizations recognize, define and prioritize their business strategies as they apply to their respective markets. From a dedicated core of CI experts, we’ve grown into an industry leader in the CI sector with multi-lingual, cross-cultural expertise — and we’re ready to take on even the most challenging market entry and/or defense projects. If your place in the market matters to your organization, why not equip yourself with your competition’s knowledge and probable reactions to your place in that market?

Ready to discover the value of our market entry and defense services for yourself? Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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