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Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences Research and Analysis

PWW’s unique expertise in Competitive Intelligence Monitoring services for the healthcare and life sciences industry involves specific programs and methods that offer proven benefits across therapeutic areas, including enterprises in the high-risk/high reward domain of Oncology, Vaccines and Neurology.

Globally, healthcare is under tremendous pressure to change and adapt as science continues to provide new opportunities for interventions or cures. However, these new capabilities have come with a very real monetary cost, one that has governments and payers scrambling to identify options for cost containment. In the U.S. the Affordable Care Act continues to transform the U.S. healthcare and life sciences landscape into a much more competitive proposition for all in the foreseeable future.  Combining the reality of millions of new patient-consumers with continuing advancements in medical technology and healthcare delivery, enterprises now find themselves in previously unfamiliar territory, forced to add or reinvent sales and marketing units to raise brand awareness, boost market share and improve patient-consumer retention.

PWW’s knowledge and experience in healthcare market research, pharmaceutical market research and competitive intelligence programs help your organization leverage the power and sheer volume of your medical data against competitive providers and current market indicators.  With our thorough research capabilities and expert-driven analysis, PWW helps pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology enterprises draw a straight line between where they land within their domain and key steps they could take to improve their standing. When improvement is warranted, our experts guide clients toward devising and executing effective action plans for future growth and investment.  Our research also provides tools to more accurately monitor progress over time.


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