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Market Entry and Defense

Competitive Intelligence Market Entry

Proactive Worldwide’s Market Entry and Defense services empower your executives with the impactful intelligence they need to make decisions and execute strategies.

Proactive’s rigorous intelligence gathering and competitive business analysis centers around strong local connections and cultural understanding. Our expert teams conduct interviews with competitors, suppliers, buyers, government representatives, distributors and others throughout the value chain.

Our unique five-step process to energize your business/brand planning is unparalleled:

  1. Conduct Market and Competitive Assessments
  2. Develop Vision and Goals
  3. Create Strategic Options
  4. Select Strategic Options
  5. Develop Implementation Roadmap

Proactive’s market landscape overviews, detailed competitive profiles, and subsequent analysis provide you with the insights and criteria to inform your market entry and business defense decisions. You’ll come away with market entry and competitive strategies that:

  • Provide a detailed understanding of market size and segments, competitors and relative competitive positions, and opportunities for your business.
  • Qualify growth opportunities while highlighting and prioritizing factors that could lead to over- or underperformance.
  • Reveal competitors’ strategies, their avenues to success and the pitfalls they have experienced.
  • Showcase the products/services that have succeeded, with related messaging and key customer needs in each market.
  • Identify the best opportunities and potential blind spots in competitor strategies.
  • Enable leadership to make a clear assessment and decision on whether to pursue specific geographic or product/service market opportunities.
  • Document the key assumptions and success or risk drivers the intelligence team should actively monitor so that the business case is achieved.

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