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Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Proactive Worldwide’s benchmarking database, which tracks the effectiveness of over 60 intelligence functions, reveals that few executives are satisfied with their return on investment in the function. Whether you need to create a new intelligence function or significantly improve the effectiveness of your existing department, Proactive Worldwide can help. Our leadership team has led dozens of functional effectiveness assessments and gap analyses. The results have helped clients prioritize and deliver actionable intelligence, enabling strategic and tactical decisions that positively impacted performance.

Proactive’s intelligence professionals leverage their extensive experience to advance the effectiveness of our clients’ departments through a proven and rigorous benchmarking process:

  1. Strategic Evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness of your intelligence function internally while benchmarking capabilities externally.
  2. Envisioning: Determining the strategic purpose that will advance your intelligence function and align the capability with your firm’s strategies.
  3. Strategy: Designing an intelligence function that will add the most value to your firm, including organizational design, reporting structures and direct/indirect resource recommendations.
  4. Implementation Planning: Creating a milestone-based plan that clearly demonstrates how the function delivers against the company’s highest priority and strategic initiatives.
  5. Execution: Gaining approval and executing a multi-year plan to enable decisions based on relative competitive positions, buyer/customer trends, key supply issues, and probability of legal or regulatory changes.

Proactive enables you to lead a highly effective intelligence function that:

  • Aligns with the company’s key strategies and initiatives
  • Establishes a baseline to assess and improve performance
  • Produces intelligence that enables decisions, positively impacts performance and delivers what leadership values

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