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Competitive Early Warning Briefs

Strengthening and DefendingYour Competitive Position

Nobody appreciates negative surprises. To help our clients mitigate this issue, Proactive’s Strategic Early Warning services was developed to offer a significant measure of protection against unexpected market and competitive developments.

Our skilled intelligence analysts leverage our extensive human source networks and monitoring technologies to warn you of market and competitive changes that upend the assumptions in your business plan. This mitigates your risks and enables you to act on new opportunities.

Proactive’s ongoing collection and aggregation processes enable us to analyze and escalate the news and intelligence that is most important and relevant to your business. We provide you with actionable intelligence and alerts:

  • Market Risks/Opportunities: Including favorable/unfavorable trends, shifting customer preferences, market entrants and emerging business models
  • Competitive Actions: Including current competitor strategies and tactics, emerging competitors, and new technologies that are enabling new types of competitors
  • Conference/Event Intelligence: Including trade shows, promotions and messaging, competitor presentations, opinion leader perspectives and new innovations
  • Insightful Analysis : Including competitive actions and performance, merger and acquisition strategies and rationale, potential future scenarios, the application of social media trends, and government, regulatory and legal assessments

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