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Competitive Intelligence / Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence - Market Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence and market intelligence consulting services empower you to gain a competitive advantage with research-based solutions. Our approach covers the perspectives of customers, business competitors and more. We gather market data from all ends of the industry spectrum and turn data into actionable insights.

We dig deep to find out where your business excels and where improvements could be the most beneficial. Our customer insights, business intelligence solutions and strategic planning methods enable you to make better predictions, think more creatively and build more successful relationships with customers. Trust our competitive intelligence consulting company to keep your organization up to date with the latest changes, technology and demands.

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Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence Services

Competitive Research, Profiles and Assessments

Competitive Intelligence Training and Education

Market Entry and Defense

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Competitive Organizational Strategy

Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Competitive Early Warning Briefs

Intelligence2day® Competitive Intelligence Software Platform


Why Partner with a Competitive Intelligence Firm?

The goal of our consulting firm is to conduct relevant research and analysis that will give corporate decision-makers and leaders the ability to improve their actions and policies based on real-world evidence. Our competitive intelligence — or CI — services are designed to foster business growth and organizational change. Every business has unique needs and goals, so we adjust our services and solutions to make sure they meet your requirements.

Why Partner with a Competitive Intelligence Firm - Benefits of CI

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The industries we’ve served span a wide variety of business types and needs. Whether you’re interested in testing your understanding of the competitive landscape with corporate war games or you’d like to glean valuable customer insights from a voice of customer strategy, we have a solution. Our CI services use enterprise data and analyses to keep you aware of the competition and market changes.

Competitive Research and Assessments: Many businesses lack the resources to conduct research and analysis into their industry, organization and competitors. At Proactive Worldwide, we work with researchers and analysts who practice tried-and-true strategies for gathering market research and using sales analytics. Our custom analyses, assessments and machine learning technology will help you gain an informed competitive advantage.

CI Training and Education: Add value to your team and make them more informed with experience in competitive intelligence strategies. We offer interactive training programs designed to increase awareness and practical application of knowledge. As a result, our partners have a greater understanding of strategic intelligence and the importance of customer insights.

Market Entry and Defense: When you’re entering a new market or developing a new strategy, you need to know how to interact with competitors and make the most of every opportunity. Proactive Worldwide provides first-hand enterprise data through comprehensive research techniques to help you maximize business performance and stay on top of market intelligence.

CI Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences: Strategic consulting from Proactive Worldwide includes monitoring and data visualization services for a variety of industries, including life science and healthcare. Meet your business objectives by staying informed with the most recent healthcare and pharmacy data. Our advanced analytics and evidence-based insight will set you up for positive change and progress.

Competitive Organizational Strategy: Turn your goals into tangible results with the right competitive organizational strategy. Proactive Worldwide’s competitive intelligence services focus on a variety of factors, including structure, organization, culture, collaboration, incentive, evaluation, systems and automation, to determine the right plan of action for your business.

CI Function Development: Intelligence is most valuable when you can use it to improve strategies and experience the desired return on investment. We can help you take advantage of this intelligence and fill in any gaps with results. With competitive intelligence consulting services, you’ll have access to benchmarking, strategic planning, research and assessment options and more. These resources will enhance your intelligence function so you can make smarter decisions for your business and employees.

Competitive Early Warning Briefs: Market risks and disrupters can cause unwanted surprises for your organization. With our competitive early warning briefs, you can take advantage of business analytics, customer insights and competitive intelligence to prepare for what’s to come. Informed predictions enable decision-makers to stay ahead of major changes and keep operations in motion.

Intelligence2day® Software Platform: Intelligence2day® is a competitive intelligence solution that we offer through our partnership with Comintelli. It’s a user-friendly, easy-to-manage software platform that delivers insights you can act on. This market intelligence platform offers enterprise data strategies, user experience solutions and marketing enhancement opportunities for organizations with complex business objectives.

Competitive Intelligence Consulting From Proactive Worldwide

At Proactive Worldwide, we’ve spent more than 20 years helping organizations upgrade their business performance through our competitive intelligence services. As experts in data analysis and scenario planning, we’ll develop solutions that will help you reach your business goals. With a better understanding of knowledge management and competitive information, you’ll be empowered to make better choices for your employees, customers and stakeholders.

Trust our business intelligence consulting firm to help enhance your organization’s competitive strategy. To find out more about marketing intelligence and competitive intelligence consulting services from Proactive Worldwide, contact us today.

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