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Competitive Intelligence / Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence - Market Intelligence

Proactive Worldwide’s Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence consulting services are a proprietary, proven approach, designed to help enterprises develop solutions that can advance their business goals in relation to their larger market. We begin with comprehensive research, working to understand your organization’s unique position among three overlapping targets—customers, competition, and the market as a whole.

Our goal as a leading competitive intelligence company is to find and recommend concrete ways your business can minimize its weaknesses and exploit its strengths that can help you improve your market share, increase customer demand and retention rates, and cut into competitors’ margins.

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Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence Services

Competitive Research, Profiles and Assessments

Competitive Intelligence Training and Education

Market Entry and Defense

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Competitive Organizational Strategy

Competitive Intelligence Function Development

Competitive Early Warning Briefs

Intelligence2day® Competitive Intelligence Software Platform

Based entirely on your specific organizational needs, our competitive intelligence — or CI — services are never the product of a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor our services to provide you with the most effective route to comprehending what it’s like to be in the skin of your competition.

Why Partner with a Competitive Intelligence Firm - Benefits of CI

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Here are some brief descriptions of some of our most popular CI services that yield competitive insights and an awareness of competitors’ behaviors shaping your market and industry.

  • Competitive Research, Profiles and AssessmentsOur primary research is unique and tailored to your industry, market and organization. We’re skilled at using comparative data to analyze leading practices, such as go-to-market strategies and structures. When you’re armed with valuable research and custom analyses, your resulting insights will be informed, original and ahead of the competition.
  • Competitive Intelligence Training and EducationThere’s no substitute for a well-trained executive team informed in CI. That’s why we offer highly interactive training programs led by our experienced instructors to help you develop a cutting-edge awareness of how intelligence functions as a driver in strategy and operational planning. Each of our educational sessions is built around practical learning and effective lesson application.
  • Market Entry and DefenseBased on in-depth intelligence data and proprietary research techniques, our market entry and defense strategies will provide you with a detailed understanding of your market, competitors and overall value chain to help you prioritize and seize those opportunities that are most likely to prove successful. Plus, by actively pursuing your most promising opportunities, you minimize the occurrence of blind spots regarding your competitors’ strategies.
  • Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life SciencesStay on top of the latest data in the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare and pharma sectors. PhD-level expertise and evidence-driven action plans can facilitate your path to future growth and investment in your best opportunities.
  • Competitive Organizational StrategyMany factors contribute to your organization’s success in the digital age — including structure, incentives, evaluations, culture, systems and level of automation. To strengthen enterprise-wide collaboration, our competitive organizational strategy services help identify best-in-class practices with a plan to encourage their application in a balanced, meaningful manner.
  • Competitive Intelligence Function DevelopmentOur highly skilled intelligence professionals put their extensive experience — as well as our database that tracks the value of intelligence across more than 60 functions — to work for you. Through rigorous benchmarking, assessments, envisioning, strategy formation, implementation planning and execution, our approach will enable you to find better returns on your investments in current and/or new intelligence functions.
  • Competitive Early Warning BriefsProtect your organization from unannounced surprises. Our strategic early warning services employ our intelligence analysts to produce forward-thinking business alerts that cover topics such as market risks, competitors’ actions, conference intelligence and emerging innovations/disrupters. Mitigate your risk by being nimble enough to take action based on time-sensitive intelligence.
  • Intelligence2day® Software PlatformThrough our partnership with Comintelli, Intelligence2day® is a world-class CI platform and knowledge management solution complete with intuitive data capabilities and user-friendly dashboards for maximum results and market insights.

Competitive Intelligence Consulting From Proactive Worldwide

Discover what the best CI talent and technology can do for your organization’s foresight and competitive edge. To learn more about our competitive intelligence and market intelligence consulting services, fill out our contact form.

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