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Executive leaders from CEOs to CIOs are discovering that the importance of having a digital strategy that aligns with their organizations’ objectives is far more crucial than ever before. However, when developing a digital strategy, many decision-makers get lost in techno-hype in their efforts to meet their company’s digital needs in five, four or even three years’ time.

So the question becomes, “How do you rise above the uncertainties of digital disruption to accurately formulate a plan that transforms your present digital footprint into a financially sound and competitively supporting asset for the future?” To answer this, take a look at the current state of affairs surrounding many executives’ relationships with digital strategy.

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According to the Forbes article “What, Exactly, Is a Digital Strategy? It Depends on Who You Ask,” 75 percent of executive decision-makers admit to taking a gradual approach to their organizations’ digital strategies. Yet at the same time, 55 percent admit they have 12 months or less to make significant digital improvements — or else their organization may suffer financially. And astoundingly, 59 percent acknowledge that they believe their companies are already being hurt competitively due to an inadequate digital strategy.

Clearly, there’s a dichotomy surrounding digital strategy and the transformations it involves. A large part of this phenomenon has to do with what different leaders think about when they hear the term “digital.” For too many, “digital” brings to mind only their e-commerce and website platforms — online features they’ve already had for a decade or longer.

However, in contrast to older digital tools, more recent technological advancements are having a sizable impact on how companies accumulate and analyze data to help themselves and their customers. Consider, for example, that cloud technology — which has only come into the picture in the last few years — enables companies to establish and automate an untold number of processes they simply couldn’t perform previously. In addition, along with collecting large amounts of data, when companies add data analytics capabilities to their digital initiatives, the resulting insights facilitate far more informed, agile and responsive decision-making.

Yet while all of this is true, how can organizations responsibly develop digital strategies that will be robust enough for tomorrow’s competitive landscape? That’s where digital strategy consultants like our team at Proactive Worldwide can be the catalyst your organization needs to see its way clearly into the future.

Digital Strategy Consulting

At Proactive Worldwide, we’ve been a leading competitive intelligence firm for well over two decades. Taking a big picture approach to an organization’s internet strategy consulting needs is in our DNA. Plus, we can assure that any reports, findings or recommendations we make are solely made in the best interest of your organization.

Eighty percent of today’s consumers try new products based on friends’ suggestions on social media, and 78 percent state that companies’ social media posts influence their purchases. So why wouldn’t you want the best independent online strategy consulting you can get to optimize your digital strategy?

Promote Customer Buying and Increase Sales

Virtually all of the most profitable companies in business today also have the best, most user-friendly digital strategies in place. The growing importance of providing clear digital channels that promote customer buying choices and in turn increase sales cannot be overstated. Proactive Worldwide’s Digital Strategy service, which is one part of our Customer Insight program, was developed to help our clients discover how they can jumpstart these kinds of improvements to their own digital strategy.

Build or Realign Your Digital Footprint

PWW’s Digital Strategy service focuses specifically on how effective an organization’s online digital channel components are working, with an eye toward improving the customer’s digital experience. Since every organization is at a different point on the spectrum of digital maturity, our Digital Strategy specialists first take the time to evaluate your unique existing digital program.

We engage in deep discovery to understand the customer corridor and where your digital capabilities reside within that corridor. We then work collaboratively with you to develop goals and appropriate solutions to build or realign your digital footprint so that it’s firing on all cylinders, regardless of what device your customers are using.

Support True Differentiation

We have had the distinct honor to support a multitude of Fortune 500 firms re-align and re-invest in their digital footprint. Whether it’s capabilities, usability, governance or branding, our team is positioned to support true differentiation.

Proactive Worldwide — Digital Strategy Consultants Making a World of Difference

Ready to discover how our digital strategy services can propel your business into a better competitive position in the future? Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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