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Customer Experience

Customer Experience Consultants

Journey Mapping
Today’s marketplace can best be described as “Living in an Omni-Channel world,” through which consumers must travel to buy goods and services. In this world, businesses that ignore the impact their various channels have on their customers’ experiences do so at their own peril.  PWW’s Customer Experience program, part of our Customer Insights services, engages in journey mapping to help our clients ensure that each of their channels—big box store, online shopping website, call center, or tech support, for example—maintains or enhances the customer experience.

Channel Evaluation
Our Customer Experience program evaluates each of your customer channels to measure their effectiveness in taking a customer through the initial introduction of your offerings to actually placing an order, all the way to bill payment and ongoing customer support. Where does friction exist? What are the sticking points, if any, and how do they compare with your competitors’ channels?

Evidence-based Data and Customer Review/Feedback Information
Our Customer Experience program uses evidence-based data plus your customer review/feedback information to discover the answers to these important questions. Our differentiation is in our ability to benchmark experiences across the competitive landscape, helping you identify where strengths, or weaknesses, may reside. Your business can then take positive steps to resolve negative issues causing friction within the customer experience and improve customer retention.  Our Customer Experience service can be deployed singly or as part of a larger Customer Insight strategy.

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