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Covid Rapid Response

When the name of the game is healthy competition, market disruptors have the capacity to drive product and service improvements, compel industry innovations, and energize business growth. While this dynamic can and does produce winners and losers, during the COVID-19 pandemic there are no clear winners, and the game has changed entirely, inflicting painful costs and stress about the future within virtually every industry going forward.

Plan and Pivot with Confidence

Proactive Worldwide has launched Profile360™ competitive profile service as a rapid-response catalyst for competitive intelligence that leads to positive change. Unlike standard market research, PWW’s Profile360™ methodology leverages decades of our next-level competitive intelligence expertise. Our meticulous approach is ideally suited for identifying your competitor’s pain points, understanding their response to market changes, and providing your team with impeccable data support.

Profile360™, which offers a baseline competitive research assessment in four to six weeks, provides a true 360-degree view to uncover how your rivals are handling their own competitive vulnerability, as well as how they are dealing with the pandemic’s impact on their employees, their sales, and their customers. This insider’s take will allow your enterprise to quickly navigate through today’s disruptive, shifting realities and solve both the challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s time-critical business scenarios.

Discover and evaluate how one or more of your competitors—depending on your specific circumstances—are adjusting to the realities of today’s post-COVID-19 environment. For this largely primary research engagement, our teams are intentionally staffed with analysts possessing relevant vertical industry expertise, talented researchers, and are led by a Senior Engagement Manager with over twenty years of competitive research experience:

1. Competitor Impact Analysis:

  • What is competitor’s greatest vulnerability based on COVID-19 in the following areas:
    • Supply chain
    • Customer Service
    • Sales
    • Operations
    • Support
    • Product Development
  • What was their initial responses to minimize losses?
  • While it is early, what were the results of adjustments their business has made to its strategy in the near term?

2. Competitor Employee Impact Analysis:

  • Given the current situation, do they expect to reduce their current workforce or shift employees to different work streams to support novel operations and strategies?
  • How are they addressing pay for employees, including those who are more variable (e.g., bonus, commission)?

3. Competitor Sales Impact Analysis:

  • What services are impacted by COVID-19? What has changed as a result?
  • What are their short-term client retention strategies or tactics?
  • Where are they focusing their sales activity, now or in the immediate future?

4. Competitor Customer Impact Analysis:

  • What is their messaging to current clients around COVID-19 and how does it relate to services or offerings?
  • How are their customers’ wait times, lead times and overall experiences being affected? What are the prospects for resolution?
  • How are payment terms being adjusted given the circumstances? How long will these be available to customers? Are there any limitations?
  • Are there any changes to how customers will be served?

In a post-COVID-19 world, PWW’s Profile360™ competitive research service can help your enterprise better understand its competitive position now, in six months, and even twelve months down the road. Contact us today to discover better insights into tomorrow’s competitive reality, operate from a position of strength amid all the disruption, and aim your organization toward growth and success.

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