Competitive Research, Profiles and Assessments

Competitive Profiles and Assessment

Proactive Worldwide’s Competitive Research, Profile and Assessment services start with unique, primary research that is based on your specific commercial, operational and/or organizational questions.

As with any intelligence-based service, the firm you select to conduct research will have a big impact on how useful the results are of the final assessments you receive. This correlation is why our competitive profile research consulting services are so highly sought after.

With decades of experience in the competitive intelligence — or CI — sector, we make sure our research techniques are second to none. Employing only the most ethical methods, our skilled researchers and analysts know from experience how and where to look for the information your company needs to make better business decisions and strategies.

As proof of our superior track record in researching, profiling and assessing, we’re currently engaged in global research that stretches across 47 countries. In addition, we use state-of-the-art tools — including our proprietary databases — for real-time insight mining. We are also proud to offer custom competitive intelligence software.

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Competitive Profile Research

When it comes to our competitive research, profile and assessment services, we typically begin by collecting much-needed data and intelligence.

First, we gather information from external and internal sources at all levels and produce valuable, original insights, not generic syndicated data or previously published research. Our proven methodology enhances your understanding of your relative competitive position and enables you to make informed investment decisions. Proactive Worldwide helps you determine how to compete — and, more important, how to win.

Without competitive research, businesses are prone to blind spots in both their internal operations as well as their outward-facing strategies for matching and outmaneuvering their competitors’ actions. Yet once those businesses are equipped with current competitive research, they’re far more able to make valuable decisions that are supported by the kind of foresight and broad perspectives necessary for successful business outcomes.

Competitive Profile Assessment

Next, we carefully construct a competitive profile assessment by conducting custom comparative data analysis of leading practices. It’s during this phase that our expertise in analysis truly pays off. Because our in-house team possesses up-to-date knowledge of almost every major business sector — from consumer goods and technology to financial services and pharmaceuticals — the competitive profile assessments we produce are timely, targeted and highly insightful.

Some of the leading practices outlined in our competitive profiles include the following areas of assessment:

  • Sales operations
  • Marketing programs and campaigns
  • New product launches
  • Go-to-market strategies and structures
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and channel/distribution strategies

Competitive Profile Consulting

Building on our research and assessment services, our expertise further extends to competitive profile consulting. During this culminating stage of our services, we thoroughly analyze the market landscape, industry trends, competitive actions and real-time competitor profiles to determine your relative competitive position and strategy or capability gaps.

Competitive Research Services — Forming the Foundation of Actionable CI

At Proactive Worldwide, our competitive research services form the solid data-driven base of your CI. Provided with better intelligence, you and your leadership will gain insights that enable informed decisions. You’ll become more capable of creating value across the entire enterprise.

As a direct result of our competitive research services, executive leaders are far more equipped to make value-adding decisions — especially when armed with information across the following “big picture” areas:

  • Benchmarks: Current insights into competitive strategies, structures, initiatives, programs and performance, and the key capabilities behind competitors’ successes.
  • Gap analysis: A relative comparison across the competitive set that provides the perspective to determine if competitors’ investments have paid off and to prioritize your improvement initiatives.
  • Milestone roadmap: A prioritized plan that is designed and organized around the key business outcomes needed to implement the highest priority improvements relative to customer/market needs and competitors’ planned actions.

Proactive Worldwide: Making the Most of Knowledge for Successful Business Outcomes

Thanks to our competitive profile research consulting, today’s businesses can continue to concentrate on their core priorities without losing sight of their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Only in this manner can leaders be confident that their plans and strategies have been thoroughly tested and are able to withstand external pressures that are bound to have an impact.

With support from our team at Proactive Worldwide, your business will be better prepared to deal with challenges, make the most of opportunities and plan accordingly for what the future will bring. Since 1995, we’ve been a leading CI firm. For competitive profile consulting, you can count on us to yield positive results, contact us today.

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