Competitive Intelligence Software Platform for Pharmaceutical Companies

Introducing ProactivePulseSM from Proactive Worldwide

Proactive Worldwide is proud to offer ProactivePulseSM, a world-class market intelligence platform powered by Intelligence2day. ProactivePulseSM is a web-based software solution that helps pharmaceutical enterprises gain timely, relevant, and impactful insights to empower informed decisions and provoke action. Combining intuitive data organization with a user-friendly dashboard, ProactivePulseSM connects your information users to critical information sources.

Your Real-Time Content and Data Aggregation Platform

Solidify your competitive readiness with a single dashboard view for all your CI function files. Integrate thousands of RSS, email alerts, or other searches with content analyzed in real-time. See breaking news and press releases for all competitors in a single dashboard. Your dashboard is not locked down to a single view – customize it to evolve with you.

Content connectors – RSS, JSON, email, news and web extractors – collect information and then apply taxonomy rules to distribute content based on user preferences. ProactivePulseSM keeps an eye on more than 2,600 pharmaceutical industry companies in 100 therapeutic areas and 500 MOAs, plus clinical trial updates.

Far-reaching aggregation of content. ProactivePulseSM uses RSS feeds, web monitoring, Google news feeds and more to aggregate content. Third-party integration – such as Meltwater, Talkwalker, AlphaSense, SharePoint – opens doors to corporate news from more than 500,000 news sources, and brand and customer data on more than 30 social media platforms.

Designed for Ease of Use

Flexible, scalable and modular, ProactivePulseSM is your one point of access to the aggregated, organized information your knowledge workers need. It is the search-based platform designed for ease of use:

  • Information management: Within a matter of a few clicks, users can read, translate, publish and edit relevant information from thousands of sources.
  • User experience: Users enjoy a seamless experience thanks to a highly intuitive dashboard that’s accessible on desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Collaboration: The application supports a highly accessible user experience allowing filtering based on competitors, assets, or indication areas.
  • Security: From authentication to encrypted connections, the platform includes the latest in security features and firewall protection.
  • Optional service levels: Start with the basic package or bolt on integration to Meltwater, Talkwalker, or other 3rd party systems.

Proactive Worldwide — Innovating with ProactivePulseSM

Since 1995, we’ve been providing businesses with innovative solutions for their competitive intelligence – or CI – needs. Now, with ProactivePulseSM, we’re continuing our commitment to our pharmaceutical clients to provide them with the latest and best solutions so that their knowledge workers enjoy increased levels of productivity.

Why let data overwhelm you when you can use it to your advantage? Rely on ProactivePulseSM to make proactive, informed decisions.

Equip yourself with the human and technical support you need to mitigate risks and encourage better decision-making. For the best in CI expertise and solutions, contact us today.


Proactive Worldwide

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