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The key value of an effective intelligence solution lies in enabling decision-makers in the organization to have access to more complete information and be able to discover insights about their market. The major challenge to applying this solution is that today’s knowledge workers are overloaded with information and raw data from numerous unstructured sources. The problem has become so great that industry experts have coined the term "infobesity" to describe the current state many intelligence functions are in.

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In today’s competitive landscape, information can be the most valuable asset a business possesses. Consequently, how a business manages its most valuable asset is of critical importance to the success of the entire enterprise. Yet strangely, many knowledge workers are simply overwhelmed by too much data that prevents them from recognizing trends and insights.

To put it another way, your human element could very well be overloaded by the very asset that holds the most amount of potential for your organization. Fortunately, competitive intelligence software offers a solution to this scenario.

Market Intelligence Software

Imagine a scalable software solution that bridges the gap between unstructured information and human talent. By quickly and efficiently gathering data from multiple sources and organizing it into a useful, accessible format, knowledge workers are suddenly able to discover the actionable insights they were looking for in the first place. Then, armed with this time-sensitive information, executive leaders are far more capable of confidently making better decisions. This is what quality market intelligence software is all about.

Introducing Insights Hub by Proactive Worldwide

Proactive Worldwide is proud to offer Insights Hub, a world-class market intelligence platform powered by Intelligence2day. Insights Hub is a web-based software solution that helps enterprises gain timely, relevant, and impactful insights to enable informed decisions and provoke action. Combining intuitive data organization with a user-friendly dashboard, Insights Hub connects your information users to critical information sources.

Features and Benefits

Flexible, scalable and modular, Insights Hub is your one point of access to the aggregated, organized information your knowledge workers need. Designed for ease of use, this search-based platform offers the following features and benefits:

  • Optional service levels: Choose the service level that best fits your organization’s needs. Professional, elite and enterprise levels all offer knowledge workers increased productivity and insights.
  • Delivery: Depending on the level of service you select, you’ll have either cloud-based or on-premise delivery of the platform.
  • User experience: Users enjoy a seamless experience thanks to a highly intuitive dashboard that’s accessible on desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Information aggregation: The application performs far-reaching aggregation of content from multiple sources, including — but not limited to — RSS feeds, web monitoring and Google news feeds.
  • Information management: Within a matter of a few clicks, users are able to read, translate, publish and edit relevant information.
  • Collaboration: The application supports a highly accessible user experience allowing commenting, voting, sharing and other collaborative functions.
  • Security: From authentication to encrypted connections, the platform includes the latest in security features and firewall protection.

Proactive Worldwide — Innovating with Insights Hub

Since 1995, we’ve been providing businesses with innovative solutions for their competitive intelligence — or CI — needs. Now, with Insights Hub, we’re continuing our commitment to our clients to provide them with the latest and best solutions so that their knowledge workers enjoy increased levels of productivity.

Why let data overwhelm you when you can use it to your advantage? Equip yourself with the human and technical support you need to mitigate risks and encourage better decision-making. For the best in CI expertise and solutions, contact us today.

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