President of Proactive Worldwide Will Host SCIP Foundations of CI Workshop

David Kalinowski, President

President and co-founder of global strategic intelligence and research firm Proactive Worldwide, David Kalinowski, will lead the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) workshop “Foundations of Market & Competitive Intelligence” on February 12 and 13, 2020 in Dallas, TX. The intensive two-day workshop will take place at AC Hotel Dallas Downtown.

Intended primarily for individuals who are relatively new to competitive intelligence, as well as current CI professionals looking for a refresher course, the workshop will offer takeaways that will empower attendees to develop and implement intelligence strategies that will lead to positive impacts on their organizations. The workshop will focus on nine core areas strategic and competitive intelligence professionals must develop in order to support evidence-based decision making. Topics Kalinowski will address include CI industry best practices, managing stakeholder expectations, conducting secondary and primary research, delivering impact through analysis, developing an intelligence network, and determining the value of CI.

To ensure attendees leave “Foundations of Market & Competitive Intelligence” with lasting skills and knowledge, the workshop will present information through practical lessons and hands-on experiences rather than mere theory. Attendees will work alongside Kalinowski and their peers, participating in role-playing activities and breakout exercises, watching videos, considering case studies and listening to stories packed with valuable decision support insight. Participants at the latest iteration of the workshop rated it at 4.9 out of 5, describing it as engaging and full of useful tools, takeaways and strategies.

After completing the workshop, participants can expect to understand how to apply an intelligence capability model to their CI function and demonstrate the value of CI. They will also learn the elements of an early warning program and develop the skills they need to improve their capacity for analysis. Following a knowledge test conducted at the end of the course, each participant will be presented with their SCIP Competitive IQ certification. This professional certification indicates the attainment of skill in market and competitive intelligence.

Online registration for the February 2020 session of the workshop runs until the day of the event. Registration price varies for SCIP members and non-members, but individuals who join the SCIP when they register for the workshop will receive a substantial discount on a one-year membership.

About David Kalinowski

Kalinowski has over 30 years of experience working in the competitive intelligence field. He has conducted CI research and consulting for hundreds of corporations across industries and borders and oversees all business operations and administration at Proactive Worldwide. A dynamic presenter, he frequently facilitates wargaming events for strategic leadership teams and presents at conferences and programs like “Foundations of Market & Competitive Intelligence.” Kalinowski has remained a member of the SCIP since 1990, and he was presented the SCIP Catalyst Award in 2005 for service to the CI profession along with being SCIP’s first recipient of its Distinguished Member – Solutions Provider award in 2015.

About Proactive Worldwide

Proactive Worldwide is a global research and consulting firm dedicated to providing decision support backed by primary research and evidence-based analysis that results in strategic insight. Founded in 1995, the company works with clients in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing and technology. To learn more about Proactive Worldwide’s industry-leading work in competitive intelligence, visit


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