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Since 1995, PWW has dedicated its competitive/market/customer intelligence services to help organizations better understand and respond to their unique challenges and opportunities in today’s unpredictable, fast-moving business scenarios. Unlike most CI consultants, PWW’s advanced PWWDiscovery™ research methodology breaks through the constraints of traditional market research, piecing together all the distinct parts of an organization’s specific issues to create a compelling business narrative. Employing our team of doctorate-level analysts, best-practice forensic methodology and award-winning, AI-enabled innovations, PWW offers a complete, and consequently more accurate, perspective that helps our client partners support key planning and investment decisions, mitigate risk, and confirm or disprove long-held business assumptions.

PWW’s Superior, Deep Bench of CI staff – PWW offers a doctorate-level team of researchers and seasoned analysts who are among the most respected professionals working in the competitive intelligence field today.

  • Global Expertise – Over 100 years of combined CI experience in the leadership team alone;
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Senior analysts supplement CI expertise with Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning, and Business War Gaming skills;
  • In-Source Staffing – Highly skilled, cross-functional team members allows for minimal contractor outsourcing.

PWWDiscovery™ – PWW’s Intelligence Gathering Framework and Research Methodology While PWW’s elite CI interviewers/researchers are central to success, our advanced tools-driven secondary research and proprietary human source database also keep a razor-sharp focus on investigative discovery and forensic analysis to get to the heart of our clients’ corporate and competitive health.  Overlaying this rich intelligence with PWW’s years of target industry and subject matter expertise, our clients gain a three-dimensional picture on which to create an achievable vision for the future:

  • Project Management – Virtual war rooms for each project list client hypotheses and key intelligence topics to be covered throughout engagement ensure consistent delivery of on-time, on-target, and on-budget results.
  • Primary Interview Expertise – The key to our success, experienced CI research team targets human sources most knowledgeable and able to provide insights/perspectives needed to present a clear competitive picture.
  • Comprehensive Secondary Research – 24/7 information cycles, cadre of IT-enabled web-crawlers, RSS feeds, and other reputable industry and competitor news source feeds consistently scan for related events and announcement of milestones.  In parallel our intelligence team reviews key strategic calling points (listed in our proprietary human source database) and other notable resources and source networks: KOLs, PIs, regulatory affairs specialists, associations and societies, publication groups, analysts, and potentially internal competitor sources.
  • Verification/Authentication – Intelligence professionals confirm information with multiple sources, strategically map out answers/identify gaps within storyline. After several rounds of primary interviews, and secondary research consolidation, the team is able to substantially fill these gaps.
  • Data Consolidation, Conclusions, and Deliverables – Expert analysts with strong presentation skills create concise deliverables offering clear analysis, writing, and design. Comprehensive reporting is inclusive of our perspectives and context on: themes, evidence base, potential impact, act/not-act, timing, etc.

Decades of industry experience – PWW’s top-tier Ph.D. analysts bring real-world knowledge to each engagement, drawing from invaluable experiences throughout a wide range of corporate industries.  Our professionals have in-depth business expertise in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance and Technology, Consumer and Industrial Goods, Business Planning/Consulting, among other sectors.

PWW’s leaders, analysts, and researchers will help your organization 1) develop a robust CI/Customer Intelligence/Strategic Planning program; 2) optimize the value of its competitive, market, and customer insights; and 2) craft a sound strategy and execution plan with assurance.

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