Taking Evidence-based Market and Competitive Intelligence to a Higher Level

Our holistic approach to decision support services revolves around the understanding that effective decision making should be based on solid, primary evidence-based research, not anecdotal information or a single-source data point.

We believe that strategic intelligence is like oxygen in the corporate environment—if enough gets to the heads of executives, it becomes easier to think clearly. Our cultural and operational approach has been honed through many years of experience in developing customized evidence-based solutions to address market, customer and competitive challenges.

Building upon our foundation of strategic intelligence and research, we help take the evidence-based findings to a higher level through strategic simulation, competitive response modeling, and scenario planning. This interactive, analytical capability allows us to collaborate with our clients to develop strategic and tactical plans to get and stay Out In Front® of the competition.

To enhance our clients’ competitive position even further, we have found that as clients become familiar with the application of evidence-based competitive intelligence, the need for training becomes essential to enhance the in-flow of intelligence and to establish consistent procedures to leverage the intelligence into effective actions.

We can further increase our clients’ ability not only to gather but to organize, categorize, and disseminate information efficiently through creation of customized intelligence web portals. These web portals become an important way to sort and share the critical intelligence to those who can most benefit and aid in making more optimal business decisions in near-real time.

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