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If you’ve been in FinTech since its infancy, you’ve witnessed a lot of change. Private venture capital soared in the early days, fueling more innovation and but also more competition for you. Banks have continued to digitize and have become proactively tech savvy. In fact, digitization has occurred across the full range of your business activity, as well as within traditional financial services businesses.

Artificial intelligence is out to improve robo-advisory financial planning services. Blockchain is recording trusted transactions for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cloud computing is stimulating more innovation. In the coming decade, these and other technologies will prompt your business and others like it to reinvent, changing the competitive landscape in the process.

Have you considered using competitive intelligence to navigate uncertainties and strengthen your competitive position? Proactive Worldwide competitive consulting services for FinTech companies can help you make better strategic decisions, think creatively and reinforce customer relationships. We can keep your FinTech business abreast of changing competitor technologies, identify with confidence your competitors and potential collaborators, and help you get a handle on hard-to-predict customer behavior.

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Proactive Worldwide collects data from every aspect of the FinTech industry and turns it into actionable insights. We will keep you up to date with the latest retail, commercial and competitor trends across the FinTech landscape to help you plan and execute effectively and efficiently.

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How Your FinTech Can Apply Competitive Intelligence

Financial technology led to a proliferation of FinTech companies. New and different technology is what will drive FinTech companies to transform their business models in the coming years.

You always will have the need to understand why customers stick with you or move to a competitor. You also will need to attract new customers. Imagine if you had strong evidence of the types of experiences end users wanted and where service and products were trending?

Industry regulation will continue to grow in importance. Cybersecurity and the degree to which customers can trust technology will influence business models. Data volume will grow, increasing decision-making complexity.

In all cases, competitive intelligence can uncover answers about where your business excels today and where the most beneficial improvements can be made.

Gaining and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage

Creating a competitive advantage is not an easy thing to do in your industry, where innovation is the name of the game. Maintaining it requires ongoing, well-researched competitive intelligence that enables you to regularly create, implement and evaluate strategies, ensuring you’re making the best possible strategic business decisions.

We’ve talked about digitization proliferation – technology, opportunity and obstacles are everywhere. What’s less obvious is human behavior. You must look deep to really understand the customer – where their mindset it today and where it might be tomorrow.

Consider a financial technology that enables the purchase of financial products that the customer isn’t ready to adopt. A hard sell today can be a no-brainer tomorrow. One day soon people may be ready to purchase financial products from the unlikeliest of sources – big box stores, for example.

Through effective collection and analysis of data about your competitors, customers and the marketplace, competitive intelligence helps you gain and maintain an advantage in your highly competitive industry.

Big Advantages for Your FinTech Business

Understand customer behaviors
Create an accurate picture of your customer today and where the customer mindset may soon be through predictive analytical modeling. In short, retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Make informed decisions
Gain more confidence to make the right decisions. Consider how direct-to-customer opportunities are expanding, creating more vertical competition. Stay abreast to changing regulations, which can severely hamper your competitiveness.

Gain guidance for innovation
With digitization occurring across your value chain, it’s more vital than ever to know where and when it makes the most financial sense to innovate and collaborate.

Understand the tech landscape
One example: Stay on top of Application Programming Interface (API) technology, which is revolutionizing your industry. API enables financial data to travel across new and non-traditional destinations. As a result, any brand can, for instance, integrate financial products into its offering using a banking-as-a-service platform.

Competitive Intelligence Services

With our proven approach to targeting our competitive intelligence services to meet the needs of each company, our FinTech service offerings feature the following options:

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