Out In Front


SCIP: Developing & Engaging The Modern Intelligence Workforce
May 15th – May 18th in Atlanta, GA
Gary D. Maag and David J. Kalinowski will be doing a full day training workshop.
Association for Strategic Planning: Leading and Managing Strategy in a Disruptive World
May 25th – May 27th in Toronto, Canada
David J. Kalinowski is speaking on, "Leveraging Strategic War Games for Competitive Advantage."
SCIP Bootcamp (two day training course)
June 8th – June 9th in Washington, DC
Join us for a two-day training program that focuses on the basics of competitive intelligence.
Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition
September 12th – September 13th in Parsipanny, NJ
Society of Intelligence Research (SIR) 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibit
October 22nd – October 25th in Milwaukee, WI
David J. Kalinowski will be speaking.
22nd Annual SCIP European Summit
November 13th – November 15th in Cascais, Portugal
Proactive Worldwide will be exhibiting, sponsoring and conducting a workshop.

Proactive Worldwide